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Gov. Abbott: Stop the exe­cu­tion of Rod­ney Reed

Boli­vian Amer­ica Styles

Boli­vian An Amer­ica Coup d’état

A Pres­i­dent who won by a mar­gin of more than 10% which is a hell of a lot more than any of the last eight pres­i­dents in Amer­ica, when a sud­den upris­ing (AKA Amer­i­can coup) removed are pop­u­larly elected pres­i­dent of Bolivia. Not really a shocker with the fact that Bolivia, we now learn, has vast deposits of lithium. And was block­ing West­ern min­ing com­pa­nies from exploit­ing the lithium deposits argu­ing that if minors wanted access to the lithium and his coun­try they would have to share the wealth with the peo­ple of Bolivia by help­ing to fund social pro­grams. That did not go over well with the min­ers or with the bankers and not with the West­ern cor­po­rate inter­ests. Morales did some­thing that sealed his fate turn to China and accepted a deal to call off the min­ing of lithium by West­ern cor­po­rate inter­ests. And sign a new deal with China but shar­ing the rev­enues with the Boli­vian peo­ple. Morales is pop­u­lar at home because he helps his people.But he stepped into that cold war fray that’s going on between the United States and China

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The Yang Gang

yangI never heard this guy talk before I found this on youtube. I’m not sure he is still in the race because of the media’s mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion or not. Now, I haven’t pay much atten­tion to polit­i­cal races for the last forty years so it took me a bit of time to get up to speed. So when I saw this title for a youtube video “Andrew Yang On $1,000 A Month Plan, Tulsi Gab­bard, Trump’s Impeach­ment & Col­lege Loan Forgiveness”

OK, now I have to hear this. And I thought you might want to also!

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African Pres­i­den­tal Assas­si­na­tions

Fired AU Ambas­sador Reveals the Peo­ple Behind African Pres­i­den­tal Assassinations

Ambassador reveals the truth

This is an exam­ple of why the peo­ple of the planet are at each other’s necks. The inabil­ity to admit one’s short­com­ings. This has been an ongo­ing issue for the world because Euro­peans past and present have some­how lost the abil­ity to share, but never the abil­ity to take.

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When News is not the News (updated 91519)

World trade bldg 7In this post, James Cor­bett reports on a story that is a prime exam­ple of why the major­ity of the pub­lic never get to make up their mind about story that would have a major impact if they were reported. A struc­tural reeval­u­a­tion of the col­lapse of the world trade cen­ter. We have seen report by Gov­ern­men­tal and oth­ers inde­pen­dent Engi­neer­ing con­cerns that report that world trade cen­ter was due to fires in the build­ing. Those reports were used to quiet the naysay­ers, which I am a one.
Now you might say, “Well that is noth­ing new!” ( as I said) and it not, but what is telling is that it has not been reported by any of the major media, And I think we should restate and empha­size the word “NONE

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Venezuela and Iran in the Crosshairs of Mur­der­ers Inc

Protesters with signsImag­ine just for a moment, the World would stand up in uni­son, sick and tired of the aggres­sive killer arro­gance of the United States and her vas­sals – and their joint war-​force called NATO – and this World, our World, what’s left of it when you deduct Wash­ing­ton and its Brus­sels allies, would at once block every ship­ment of every­thing des­tined for the ports of the United States of Amer­ica; every sea port, air­port and road port. Her­met­i­cally. Noth­ing would enter. Noth­ing, no food, no med­i­cine, no elec­tron­ics, no cars – no noth­ing. And noth­ing could leave. No exports, no petrol, no grains, no meat, no phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals and fore­most, no weapons. Nothing.

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