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One Of The Mech­a­nisms of Oppres­sion

I’ve been asked why do you keep say­ing [so-​called] when talk­ing about peo­ple! I’m hop­ing that the cog­ni­tive dis­sonace it not so ingrained that you will not be able to under­stand this sim­ple con­cept. I had a con­ver­sa­tion with a young lady who, after me stat­ing that I was a brown man, said “No you are a black man.” At this point I nor­mally would say “You need to go back to the 1st grade and review the les­son given to you about col­ors” or “Please take these crayons and take long look in the mir­row” For­tunetlly, this works if you belive that you are black or white. If the prob­lem is just that these words have become the cus­tom for brown peo­ple, because we have been using this term which saw it’s begin­ings use in the 1960’s, how much more can we expect that the cog­ni­tive dis­so­nance of so called white peo­ple must be. What seem to hap­pen in my case is that I lose favor with many of my rela­tion­ships. Some­times I even think some of them might think that I’m what one would call an uncle Tom.

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What up with Yel­low Stone? repub­lished from files

A 100-​foot fis­sure has opened up in the Grand Teton National Park – not far from the poten­tially cat­a­strophic Yel­low­stone volcano.

Yel­low­stone vol­cano: Nearby geyser spews huge cloud of steam


The giant crack in the Wyoming – based national park has prompted offi­cials to shut down areas from tourists in case of land­slides. “A 100-​foot long fis­sure has prompted the clos­ing of part of Grand Teton National Park.” The Grand Teton National Park said in a state­ment: “The Hid­den Falls and Inspi­ra­tion Point areas are cur­rently closed due to ele­vated poten­tial for rock­fall. “The area was closed to pro­tect human safety on July 10 after expand­ing cracks in a rock but­tress were detected.

VOL­CANO WARN­ING: Warn­ings issued for two MAJOR volcanoes

Yellowstone-​style ERUP­TION could be sparked by magma cham­ber rising…


It is unknown how long the clo­sure will be in effect. Geol­o­gists are mon­i­tor­ing the but­tress for move­ment and have ini­ti­ated a risk assess­ment for the area.” It is cur­rently unclear how the crack opened but it is likely due to nor­mal seis­mic activ­ity in the national park area. Despite being around 100 kilo­me­tres from the Yel­low­stone National Park, Grand Teton does sit over the Yel­low­stone super-​volcano. If it was seis­mic activ­ity beneath Grand Teton which caused the fis­sure, it could be a sign that Yel­low­stone is reawak­en­ing. Yel­low­stone super vol­cano in pictures

Wed, Feb­ru­ary 14, 2018

The vol­cano at Yel­low­stone National Park in Wyoming and Mon­tana sits atop a huge reserve of magma and last erupted 640,000 years ago

Fear is a mind killer it is the lit­tle death that causes anni­hi­la­tion! I will let it pass over me and thru me and when I turn to face my fear it will be gone!”

Pres­i­dent Trump Cen­sored by Tweeter?

As you may know I’m not a Trump sup­porter. I’ve not said any­thing bad about him because I real­ize that he does not have full con­trol of the gov­ern­ment. No Pres­i­dent has in more than forty years. But the media and the rhetoric would say the opposit. How­ever, this goes far beyond what we might expect. Pres­i­dent tweeted this and tyran­ni­cal Twit­ter cen­sored it! Not even the Pres­i­dent has free speech now. Why? 3 words.

The Alpha­bet cor­per­a­tion! [aka google,nas,cia,fbi] and the rest of the let­ters in the picture

WAKE UP! They Are Going After Your Rights.

House Res­o­lu­tion 6666 is now House Res­o­lu­tion 68

House Res­o­lu­tion 6666 (now HR68 which has passed in the House and headed for the Sen­ate) if passed will allow the pol­icy enforce­ment offi­cers (The Police) to come into your house and remove fam­ily mem­bers if they show signs (a code for any­body they deem should be removed) of Covid19 and be quarn­tined in a gov­ern­ment facil­ity. (In other words this would be pub­lic pol­icy) I’m not a fontune teller, how­ever, this site was made with this type of sit­u­a­tion in mind, giv­ing you the min­i­mum needed to defend your­self in a com­mer­i­cal process ie:court. In other words this site was/​is for emer­gen­cies as far as law­ful proesses are con­cern.(I believe this wil be done with pub­lic pol­icy and com­mer­i­cal law.) That was at lease it’s orig­i­nal per­pose. Right Now, no mat­ter if you know it, or you don’t, you are in a state of emergency.
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