The Cur­rent Year is 6262

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The plant resumed work to ramp up out­put at its No. 1 reac­tor on Thurs­day after a 6-​day sus­pen­sion due to a prob­lem with one of the reactor’s condensers.”

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And what does Kevin have to say?

These rats! want a fight they have one with me I was a boxer a never defeated in 4 year wrestler, I know the over aggres­sive fools, the Nuclear crime rats , want to over lever­age there lies, I counter punch at the exact right time in there fuck­ing guts„ let them proof me wrong with their cover up lies„ they can’t, it works both ways you want to cover the truth, it will burn you and I am the one that lit the flame that knocked the nuclear liars the fuck out. Kevin d. Blanch aml acute leukemia sur­vivor, son of a spe­cial forces Marine mur­dered by the nuclear car­tel, oh curs it spite I was born Atomic to win this fight”
Kevin d. Blanch

Radiofreekevin;;;; as the new Tass, the new pravda, the new Joe Goebbels Google, NBC,abc,CBS,Reuters,BBC,Google,yahoo,99p

­ercent of so called alter­na­tive media,rt,aljeeres,current,cnbc, and the lead­ers of the fas­cism pack fox­con news ran right out of Rupert’s home the house of Han­ford„ 101 Buck­ing­ham place„ Kevin d. Blanch the nuclear British are com­ing the can­cer British are com­ing„ one of by sea, two of by jet stream, stay un tuna ed the fold­ing Ore­gon Omni paper cranes have killed you, you have not heard the last of me, sheep as you took the shower, climbed absurd the box car „ Not me I fight to the death, sea Kevin by the sea defend her you and me;;;;; child ran off her the mighty blue SEA;;;

I want you to tell me one sig­nal human rights activist in the his­tory of human­ity that did not rely on PUB­LIC dona­tions includ­ing DR. ML KING includ­ing Gandhi , includ­ing mother Teresa, includ­ing Green­peace, amnesty inter­na­tional sierra club I WONT STOP THERE, POST IGNO­RANCE kevin D. blanch 8014521908 573 south 4700 west OGDEN UTAH 84404

I EARNED my cred­i­bil­ity, and the MSM NUCLEAR CAR­TEL EARNED Their liars badge of HONOR;;;

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