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HempDone sneak­ily, or under the illu­sion of democ­racy, in recent times more oppres­sive laws have been made than ever before. Between us being sub­jected to more and more ordi­nances, rules, restric­tions and out­right laws then demo­niz­ing our dis­sen­sion and opin­ion should we object… It’s as if we can’t do any­thing right. How long will it take for the masses to wake up to these grossly restrict­ing laws and real­ize how un-​free they are? The masses’ unchal­leng­ing com­pla­cency with these laws has been made that much eas­ier through social con­di­tion­ing engi­neered over the years by the rul­ing elite. In this cha­rade, the power-​mad ego­ma­niac manip­u­lat­ing con­trol­ling par­a­sit­i­cal rul­ing elite impose them­selves on almost every­thing for their ulte­rior motives: own­er­ship, power, profit and polit­i­cal gain – and that’s it. It’s that straight­for­ward. It’s that pathetic. These forever-​increasing con­trol mech­a­nisms: reg­u­la­tions, rules, absurd man­dates, threats of fines, intim­i­da­tion, extreme petty police reprisals and impris­on­ment … are designed to sap the life-​force from us while deny­ing our true self-​expression as we’re expected to bow down in acqui­es­cence. It’s all designed to erode human­ity into a sub­servient entity.

How do we break this manipulation?

The road to achiev­ing this involves refus­ing to coop­er­ate with the rul­ing elite’s con­trol sys­tem.

By refus­ing to coop­er­ate we go into a dif­fer­ent agree­ment which will man­i­fest a dif­fer­ent real­ity to the oth­er­wise planned doom and gloom. So here are 9 ways to stop coop­er­at­ing with the rul­ing elite’s con­trol sys­tem.
1. Ques­tion every­thing

Remem­ber, accept­ing the nar­ra­tive given to you by the author­i­ties and the gen­eral con­sen­sus of the masses with­out your ques­tion­ing means going into agree­ment with a fake real­ity, thus hav­ing a dis­em­pow­er­ing rela­tion­ship with the unreal.

Ques­tion the motives behind the main­stream media, the law­mak­ers, the politi­cians or cor­po­ra­tions push­ing their encroach­ing agen­das. Ques­tion the edu­ca­tion sys­tem. Ques­tion mil­i­tary actions. Ques­tion your­self over the job you’re in and do you really want to do it … etc.

In other words ques­tion any­one and any­thing you hit upon con­trary to your find­ings, or con­trary to that which goes against your free­dom.

When liv­ing life as an inquiry, chal­leng­ing the offi­cial nar­ra­tive, you can then act on your find­ings by spread­ing the word. Live your truth. Walk your walk and talk your talk.
2. Dis­en­gage from the impos­ing con­trol­ling matrix

Enough is enough. Break those impris­on­ing men­tal, phys­i­cal and spir­i­tual chains foisted on you by the rul­ing elite and their asso­ciates. Don’t fall for their fear-​mongering as you rebel. Fear is all part of the con­trol­ling matrix illu­sion. See it for what it really is.

The more you dis­en­gage the more con­fi­dence gained in your stand for non-​cooperation.

Break your agree­ments: If you’re unwill­ingly serv­ing the rul­ing elite’s dis­em­pow­er­ing, destruc­tive con­trol sys­tem, then walk away.

Health­care work­ers, if you don’t like being involved in a sys­tem that seri­ously injures or kills numer­ous patients with med­i­cines sup­ported by a medical/​pharmaceutical estab­lish­ment that puts prof­its over gen­uine wel­fare con­cern then walk away.

Police, if you’re involved in polic­ing unjust oppres­sive laws then walk away…

Sol­diers, if you’ve worked out the war decep­tion with all its ille­gal, immoral, indis­crim­i­nate activ­ity then do what your heart tells you. Lay down your weapons and walk away…

How are the rul­ing elite and their asso­ciates going to deal with us if we demon­strate our non-​cooperation in high num­bers?
3. Dis­en­gage from dis­trac­tion

In our socially engi­neered soci­ety we have been manip­u­lated to get caught up in dis­trac­tion. Mind­less enter­tain­ment, overly com­pet­i­tive sports … Then there are those eco­nomic, polit­i­cal, intel­lec­tual, reli­gious, cul­tural and soci­etal dif­fer­ences, race issues, etc. serv­ing as noth­ing more than dis­trac­tion with more than their fair share of never-​ending dialec­tic con­flict. It’s all designed to stop us from see­ing the big pic­ture and ris­ing up.

It becomes a lot eas­ier to dis­en­gage from the dis­trac­tion when see­ing the big pic­ture. That it’s noth­ing more than a care­fully cul­ti­vated con­trol sys­tem…

The next 2 ways are indeed major exam­ples of dis­trac­tion. See them for what they really are. Then ‘throw down the ball,’ refuse to play these point­less, going nowhere, energy-​sapping games, and move on:
4. Don’t vote for any of the major polit­i­cal par­ties

By vot­ing for one of these par­ties you’re only giv­ing your power away to help the rul­ing crim­i­nals’ fur­ther advance their NWO agenda. Stop believ­ing the Republican-​Democrat par­a­digm; or, if you’re in the UK, the Lib-​Lab-​Con sock pup­pet cam­paign shows backed and financed by T.H.E.Y (The Hier­ar­chy Enslav­ing You).

It doesn’t mat­ter who gets voted in. They’re all funded and backed by the rul­ing elite. So who­ever wins, the politi­cians who get in office will only be there to serve their lords and mas­ters the rul­ing elite instead of the wishes of we-​the-​people.

Yes, there are a grow­ing num­ber of peo­ple who know this, but many still don’t fully under­stand. Any advan­tages of select­ing one party over the other because of, say, a pol­icy in your favor or to your advan­tage will only be a short-​term pay­off. In the end, if you vote for one of the major par­ties because of this then you’ll only have to suf­fer the far greater long-​term cost for hav­ing cho­sen the party with their con­nec­tions to the rul­ing elite’s agenda.
5. Stop giv­ing your atten­tion to corporate-​sponsored main­stream media news

Switch off the TV (Tel-​Lie-​Vision). Turn to alternative/​independent media sources instead for the truth. Learn to dis­cern the dif­fer­ences between dis­in­for­ma­tion and the truth on the Inter­net.
6. Refuse to join the mil­i­tary

Don’t become a sucker for the rul­ing elite’s war machine, secretly man­u­fac­tured to line the pock­ets and favor the direc­tions of bankers, cor­po­ra­tions and politi­cians, while serv­ing as a planned de-​population agenda…

7. Refuse vac­ci­na­tions

With the cur­rent push for manda­tory vac­ci­na­tions refusal has never been so impor­tant. They can­not deal with us if we refuse in over­whelm­ing num­bers. Vac­cines are NOT safe and have been known to be inef­fec­tive. You could end up seri­ously ill, brain-​damaged or even dead from these fraud­u­lent big pharma money spin­ners to which the revenue-​raking gov­ern­ment and their paid-​off media is only too happy to sup­port through dis­in­for­ma­tion and lies…
8. Stop buy­ing junk food and say no to GMO

Don’t let any greed-​driven cor­po­ra­tion deceive you with their decep­tive mar­ket­ing. Avoid junk food with its high sugar, salt and cheap/​nasty trans-​fats … for dis­ease pro­tec­tion. Chemical-​laden, processed, irra­di­ated or GMO foods should be avoided.

Don’t buy a microwave oven. Avoid cook­ing with microwave or non-​stick coated or alu­minum uten­sils which in effect turns the food into junk food that could lead to health prob­lems through toxic con­t­a­m­i­nants.

9. Stop con­sum­ing

As a con­sumer, ask your­self do you really need it? For instance, do you really need to become one of the ‘Planet of the Apps’ spend­ing end­less hours wast­ing time on health-​threatening low-​EMF WiFi, covert spy­ing elec­tronic appli­ca­tions?

Get into the habit of no longer con­sum­ing things you don’t really need.

As a con­se­quence of 19

The sys­tem and its uncon­scious nature will break down.

Our non-​cooperation will no longer give the rul­ing elite’s con­trol sys­tem its power. Non-​cooperation will take us up and away from get­ting fur­ther dragged down towards the ter­mi­nal precipice.

Non-​cooperation is quite sim­ply the key to our freedom.


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