Extra­or­di­nary Anti­grav­ity Devices That Can Make Faster Than Light Travel Possible

In this pre­sen­ta­tion, a tremen­dous amount of infor­ma­tion was packed into the time. Many pro­to­types and assem­blies were depicted with high qual­ity pho­tos. will give a demon­stra­tion with one of his Beam-​ships, a 3-​foot diam­e­ter VTOL mod­els; an exam­ple of grav­ity con­trol propul­sion, which is what UFO propul­sion basi­cally is, and as a field-​effect method­ol­ogy, it has no iner­tia, or G-​forces, and with enough power, could prob­a­bly exceed light speed many times over, as the warp-​bubble cal­cu­la­tions of Miguel Alcu­bierre show. In the lev­ity disk or inverse grav­ity vehi­cle, grav­ity acts like a repelling force instead of an attrac­tive force. You don’t depend on aero­dy­nam­ics or inter­nal com­bus­tion for lift and propul­sion. Grav­i­ta­tion doesn’t seem to be some kind of space warp cre­ated by mass or energy. Instead it is elec­tro­dy­namic, elec­tro­gravitic, and electromagnetic.

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