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NASA’s warn­ing of a poten­tial Solar Armaged­don that knocks out power grids across the globe

Per­haps, as a tech-​savvy cit­i­zen, you are wor­ried about the finan­cial cost of data breaches, or our increased vul­ner­a­bil­ity to ter­ror­ist hack­ers, or the ero­sion of our dig­i­tal civil lib­er­ties. Don’t be. Instead, worry about the com­plete col­lapse of our power grid. NASA is warn­ing that there’s a 12 per­cent chance an extreme solar storm will hit Earth in the next decade, send­ing out mas­sive shock waves that would knock out grids across the world. The eco­nomic impact of this dooms­day sce­nario could exceed $2 tril­lion — or 20 times the cost of Hur­ri­cane Kat­rina, accord­ing to the National Acad­emy of Sci­ences. NASA first made this warn­ing in 2009, when a study it funded detailed what might hap­pen to our high-​tech soci­ety in the event of a super solar flare — essen­tially the equiv­a­lent of bad space weather. An extreme geo­mag­netic storm would fol­low, melt­ing cop­per wind­ings of trans­form­ers at the heart of many power dis­tri­b­u­tion cen­ters. - See more

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