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This is the first time the US has des­ig­nated another coun­tries mil­i­tary to be labeled as a ter­ror­ist group. The real mean­ing and weight of the word ter­ror­ism is being used these days to it’s absurd con­clu­sion. The word ter­ror­ism actu­ally refers to a mil­i­tary tac­tic which inten­tion­ally tar­get­ing the civil­ians of One’s own coun­try or another coun­try for polit­i­cal reasons.

The his­tory of War­fare in the Amer­i­can Civil War included vast amounts of ter­ror­ism against the peo­ple of the South by Gen­eral Sher­man. And more than that could be said, but the Sep­tem­ber 11th false flag mind con­trol oper­a­tion that was mas­ter­minded by neo­con­ser­v­a­tive Zion­ists. We’ve seen the word ter­ror­ism becom­ing a kind of empty mean­ing­less smear that is sim­ply applied to try to demo­nize one’s ene­mies and in this case it’s reached the observed level of call­ing the lead­ing anti-​terror force in the region and per­haps on the planet a ter­ror­ist group The I.R.G.C. (Islamic Rev­o­lu­tion­ary Guard Corps) has not inten­tion­ally Tar­get civil­ians it never has it’s not it is not part of its Mission.

How­ever the US mil­i­tary does drone strikes that take out wed­ding par­ties and more. So what does this mean? Ulti­mately 911 was orches­trated by Neo-​conservative sci­en­tist who wanted to Demo­nize their ene­mies and they con­sider their ene­mies ter­ror­ists, so the prob­lem with the I.R.G.C. accord­ing to Trump and his pup­pet mas­ter in Tel Aviv Ben­jamin Netanyahu and his pay­mas­ter in Las Vagus, God­fa­ther Shel­don is the I.R.G.C. actu­ally fights against ter­ror­ism and against the two worst ter­ror­ist groups in the Mid­dle East! The neo-​conservative Zion­ists (The U.S. and Israel) both of whom sys­tem­i­cally Tar­get civil­ians in the most hideous and cruel ways design is rain down white phos­pho­rus on women and children.

CIA is spon­sor­ing ter­ror­ism World Wide

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