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I donated to Tulsi Gab­bard then I saw the video below and I donated to Mike Gravel. Why? Because it get another per­son on the debate flood who is talk­ing about the only thing that can pos­si­ble get this nation to do a cource correction.

Anti-​War! Nuff Said! (enought said)

Almost for­got, You can donate 1 dol­lar Nice!

Pub­lic Notice Update

July 11 2019

Right now, Mike Gravel has

65,522 donors

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Dona­tions are still welcomed

Wise Words

If you do noth­ing else, Check out the for­got­ten post sec­tion above it’s the rea­son the site was made. If you are going to court read or lis­ten to Free Speech Radio, Seat-​belts and Cog­ni­tive Dis­so­nance at High Fre­quency! In that order. Posted in Audio and text for­mat. If you would like to see more of the wise words or news feeds with­out the wait visit online­home

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