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The Cur­rent Year is 6273

The feel­ing is strong and it over­pow­ers my thoughts, I am not aware of the real­ity that my blood knows only to well!
My mind is hos­tile for the wrong rea­sons, I am only sun and man, but the need to be brother is tremendous!

Protesters with signsImag­ine just for a moment, the World would stand up in uni­son, sick and tired of the aggres­sive killer arro­gance of the United States and her vas­sals – and their joint war-​force called NATO – and this World, our World, what’s left of it when you deduct Wash­ing­ton and its Brus­sels allies, would at once block every ship­ment of every­thing des­tined for the ports of the United States of Amer­ica; every sea port, air­port and road port. Her­met­i­cally. Noth­ing would enter. Noth­ing, no food, no med­i­cine, no elec­tron­ics, no cars – no noth­ing. And noth­ing could leave. No exports, no petrol, no grains, no meat, no phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals and fore­most, no weapons. Nothing.

And now, take your mind a step fur­ther – and imag­ine the same – exactly the same, a total and full block­age of Israel – noth­ing would enter, no food, no fuel, no med­ica­tion, no machin­ery and espe­cially no weapons – and noth­ing would leave; a full and total blockage.

This would of course be totally ille­gal; ille­gal and unac­cept­able, by any inter­na­tional law, by the stan­dards of the UN Char­ter, by the Human Rights Laws and Direc­tives – by any eth­i­cal val­ues of human morals. Wouldn’t it? – Yet, this is exactly what these coun­tries are doing, have been doing for decades, sanc­tion­ing to stran­gle and mur­der entire pop­u­la­tions into death or sub­mis­sion. The US with Cuba; Israel with Pales­tine. And the coer­cion and stran­gu­la­tion go on, unabated.

The longest embargo – ille­gal, inhu­man and out­right crim­i­nal – Wash­ing­ton imposed on Cuba – 60 years. Because Cuba has cho­sen social­ism as her form of state and gov­ern­ment. Cuba sur­vived and will never give in to the tyrant of the north.

Now the US is expand­ing her palette of killing by impunity to dom­i­nate and sub­ju­gate nation after nation which they do not con­sider bend­ing suf­fi­ciently to the dic­tate of their mas­ters. Venezuela has been tar­geted for two decades, ever since for­mer Pres­i­dent Hugo Chavez was demo­c­ra­t­i­cally elected in 1998; and Iran, ever since the US-​imposed Shah was deposed in 1979 – exactly 40 years ago – by Iran’s Islamic Rev­o­lu­tion. Both Venezuela and Iran are rich in nat­ural resources, espe­cially hydro­car­bons but also in gold, rare earths and other pre­cious met­als and stones.

Con­trary to what one would like to imag­ine, inter­na­tional world bod­ies, like the United Nations and her sis­ter and asso­ci­ated orga­ni­za­tions remain just about silent. When a high-​level offi­cial utters some benign crit­i­cism of the US or Israel – it flairs up for a moment in the ‘news’, then it dis­ap­pears again, as if it never hap­pened. And indeed, noth­ing hap­pens. They – the US and Israel – go on with their crimes in impunity.

The lat­est is an open dec­la­ra­tion of eco­nomic war­fare by Wash­ing­ton, a total embargo on Venezuela; the embargo is now being turned into a naval block­ade. Sim­i­lar steps are to be taken for Iran. That lit­er­ally means that no mer­chan­dise – no mat­ter how vital for sur­vival, like food and med­ica­tion, is allowed into Venezuela. Three days ago, the US seized, totally ille­gally, a cargo ship attempt­ing to deliver food and med­ica­tion to Venezuela – in the Panama Canal, ter­ri­tory which the US does not own or con­trol anymore.

The ship was car­ry­ing soy cakes, from which Venezuela was to pro­duce food. Never mind, that the car­goes are fully paid for by Venezuela. And this seems to be just the begin­ning. Ves­sels leav­ing Venezuela with petrol deliv­er­ies to client coun­tries are also tar­geted for block­age, thus con­fis­cat­ing, or rather steal­ing, Venezuela’s main source of income on which she intends to sur­vive and feed and pro­vide health care for her peo­ple. This, in addi­tion to the more than 130 bil­lion dol­lars total Venezue­lan assets con­fis­cated – stolen – by the US worldwide.

And nobody says beep. Almost. Yes, there are some col­lec­tive protests by coun­tries in sol­i­dar­ity – like key mem­bers of the Sao Paulo Forum, as well as more than 60 mem­bers of the Non-​Aligned Move­ment (NAM – total 120 mem­bers) that have become espe­cially active in recent years in defense of Venezuela within the United Nations. Protests and protest dec­la­ra­tions also take place by ALBA mem­bers, a Latin Amer­i­can trade alliance (ALBA – Boli­var­ian Alliance for the Peo­ples of Our Amer­ica, 11 mem­bers [Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Dominica, Ecuador, Antigua and Bar­buda, Saint Vin­cent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Grenada and the Fed­er­a­tion of Saint Kitts and Nevis]).

>But most inter­est­ing are the hyp­ocrites, those who write and scream that Venezue­lans are starv­ing to death, that the Maduro gov­ern­ment neglects its peo­ple – yet these accusers-​in-​falsehood – let the US and her vas­sals stran­gle Venezuela and steal her for­eign assets, includ­ing for­eign reserves and gold, food and med­ical imports – they are say­ing zilch, nada, noth­ing. Just watching.

To top it all off, the Human Rights Com­mis­sioner, Madame Michelle Bachelet, Hypocrite-​in-​chief, who recently vis­ited Venezuela, at the invi­ta­tion of Pres­i­dent Nico­las Maduro, on a Human Rights mis­sion, and who deliv­ered a dev­as­tat­ing report about Venezuela’s HR, full of lies, half-​truths and out­right omis­sions, not men­tion­ing with one word the US inspired coup attempts, the US-​funded oppo­si­tion and its bloody atroc­i­ties per­pe­trated on the Chav­ista pop­u­la­tion, and the stran­gu­lat­ing and starv­ing by the US and US-​dictated Euro­pean sanc­tions – Madame Bachelet now came for­ward con­demn­ing the naval block­ade. Great. But she did not stand up against the deadly embargo by the US and the Euro­pean Union. – What cred­i­bil­ity remains for the Human Rights Com­mis­sion? – The world can see it – it’s all bought, coerced into sub­mis­sion, like so many other UN agen­cies by the Mur­der­ers Inc.

If we are not care­ful, they are soon going to rule the globe. Thanks god, for Rus­sia and China – which are also sub­jects of US-​EU sanc­tion­ing and tar­geted for take-​over. But they are a tiny lit­tle bit too big and too strong for this sort of games by the decay­ing US empire and her obe­di­ent rats on the sink­ing ship.

Sim­i­larly, the Euro­pean Union – despots as they have been for hun­dreds of years as colo­nial­ists in Africa, Asia and Latin Amer­ica – and con­tinue in a mod­ern colo­nial role through eco­nomic con­trol of much of Africa – this very EU, has been sanc­tion­ing Venezuela for years on the orders of Wash­ing­ton, nat­u­rally, who else? – Now they con­demn the naval block­ade, but con­tinue their rou­tine sanc­tions regime.

Accord­ing to a study car­ried out by the Wash­ing­ton DC based Cen­ter for Eco­nomic and Pol­icy Research (CEPR), under guid­ance of Mark Weis­brot, CEPR co-​director and Jef­frey Sachs, eco­nom­ics pro­fes­sor, Direc­tor, Cen­ter for Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment, Colum­bia Uni­ver­sity, New York, US and EU sanc­tions have cost some 40,000 Venezue­lan lives. This mainly since August 2017, when Wash­ing­ton esca­lated its uni­lat­eral coer­cive mea­sures against Venezuela and her state oil com­pany, PDVSA, cut­ting them off inter­na­tional finan­cial markets.

Yes, the world would have plenty of rea­sons to stand up and dish out sim­i­lar naval and air block­ades against the US and Israel. Just as a teaser to begin with, and if that doesn’t send a strong enough wake-​up mes­sage, per­haps such embar­goes should be con­sid­ered on a longer-​term indef­i­nite scale. It’s ille­gal. But we are liv­ing in a world where inter­na­tional laws don’t count – where laws are made, as we go, by the self-​declared hege­mon, the US of A, and her sym­bi­otic Mid­dle East ally, Israel. – So, why not nudg­ing the legal, moral and eth­i­cal order back into balance?

Peter Koenig is an econ­o­mist and geopo­lit­i­cal ana­lyst. He is also a water resources and envi­ron­men­tal spe­cial­ist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Orga­ni­za­tion around the world in the fields of envi­ron­ment and water. He lec­tures at uni­ver­si­ties in the US, Europe and South Amer­ica. He writes reg­u­larly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sput­nik; PressTV; The 21st Cen­tury; TeleSUR; The Saker Blog, the New East­ern Out­look (NEO); and other inter­net sites. He is the author of Implo­sion – An Eco­nomic Thriller about War, Envi­ron­men­tal Destruc­tion and Cor­po­rate Greed – fic­tion based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank expe­ri­ence around the globe. He is also a co-​author of The World Order and Rev­o­lu­tion! – Essays from the Resis­tance. He is a Research Asso­ciate of the Cen­tre for Research on Globalization.




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