What are they try­ing to Hide!

My some­what unre­lated thoughs frist. Most of you may say this is an inflam­a­tory state­ment. How­ever, I can’t help but relate this to a pas­sage in the Bible. Keep in mind that I under­stand that the Bible is a col­lec­tion of unre­lated works, that have been cor­re­lated into a story, now called HIS­tory. THE WORD (Bible: Basic Instruc­tion Before Leav­ing Earth) is still valid! So that another sub­ject, how­ever, the pas­sage I’m think­ing about is the one where it says “And all the world wan­der (or fol­lowed) after the beast!

(Hint: Context,context,context!)

The peo­ple are being primed for what is com­ing and it has noth­ing to do with health. It is only because the peo­ple have trusted the gov­ern­ment, and have not paid atten­tion to their cur­rency that you see this mas­quer­ade of a health plandimic! Now when it the real cri­sis is appar­ent, they will say “It’s not the gov­ern­ment!” But who else has been dis­re­gard­ing the laws of the nation when it come to law­ful money. If you think I’m in error, just wait and see.

National Deaths by use of HCQ

Were you primed? And what’s next?