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The peo­ple are so dumb downed in the United State they can’t see. No mat­ter who you were for, you should be able to see that Biden had no sup­port. To be clear this is the sec­ond elec­tion that has been stolen in one year. The frist was the (So-​called) demo­c­ra­tic pres­i­den­tial pri­maries! Remem­ber the big ral­lies for Bernie Sanders who was, in the early days, pulling lots of peo­ple into his camp, do you remem­ber hear­ing any­thing about Biden?

Not a peep! Oh, I don’t vote, but I do fol­low the mad­ness very closly. After they (the demo­c­ra­tic national con­ven­tion) got Sanders out of the race they still could not get any­one to come to sup­port Biden. And when they saw that another canidate was get­ting atten­tion from the pub­lic and was killing all the con­trol­lable can­dates in the debates, they locked her out of the debates. Which only goes to prove what I have always said “You are free to talk, as long as no one can hear you!” For the first time since Pres­i­dent Carter, even I was even primed to vote, and she was the first pres­i­den­tial canidate I have ever donated to (My dumb ass). Which was proven about me when Chelsea and Bernie Sanders sup­ported Biden! They have no dig­nity and no honor. As a mat­ter of fact there is no honor in our polic­ti­cal sys­tem any­more! This elec­tion, I mean selec­tion, shows the con­trol over the think­ing process of the Amer­i­can peo­ple by the major media. Here how bad it is, I can’t get any of the peo­ple who are the clos­est to me to read any­thing I talk about, they say it because I some­times make errors in spelling or gramma. (If that the case why not help me get the word out?) Yea, I am dyslexic, but that does not make me stu­pid! Here is the dif­fer­ent between being dyslexic and stu­pid, (OK, stu­pid maybe too strong a word) but it doesn’t mat­ter they will never read this any­way. I said to this per­son, that if Biden get into office expect more war started by the United States. Trump is Funk up, but he has not started any new wars. Yea, he did some bomb­ing for Is-​it-​real (Israel) but he didn’t start another war like every­one who has been in that seat, even Obama. That’s just the truth! Any­way the per­son said to me “I don’t care about any wars”. Why would any­one say that? I can only believe it’s because the war are not played out here. To be clear, no empa­thy for oth­ers being killed for noth­ing they had any­thing to do with is psy­cho­pathic. If you feel this way, maybe you are also.

For that kind of think­ing we can thank Youtube, Face­book and all the major media and big social media plat­forms. And if you think I am say­ing this to pro­mote this web­site and maybe to make some cur­rency, like you see every­one else who says “I could not do this with­out your dona­tions” Really? When did Youtube ever charge you for your time? They are is full of it! Some of the com­mer­i­cal things I was think­ing to do are get­ting a sec­ond thought. If you need money to live that’s one thing. But if you care about inform­ing the peo­ple, noth­ing could stop you! The biggest and sadest thing about this is the cur­rency that they are beg­ging for is just the notes (cur­rency) from the com­pany store. In other words they are already doing it for noth­ing. I don’t care if one make a mil­lion fed­eral reserve notes, they are still only using the com­pany ( The cor­per­ate UNITED STATES) cur­rency aka debt, so dig in there.

Con­grat­u­la­tion Amer­ica! You’ve may have voted in a alleged pedophile and a crook, two for one!

What’s This?

Not pick­ing sides, remem­ber “I don’t vote!” and it’s going to be bad no mat­ter who!

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