Patrol man has been put on admin­is­tra­tive leave for telling the truth about the role of any law enforce­ment in the united State (THAT NOT A TYPO)! It not a typo­graph­i­cal error because I’m not talk­ing about the cor­po­rate UNITED STATES. I’ve talked about the dif­fer­ence between these to eni­ties, so I’m not tak­ing time to remake the wheel (see Free Speech Radio in the for­got­ten post #9 or ask!)

I’m hop­ing that the offi­cer will take down the video. Because he and his fam­ily should not have to suf­fer for those peo­ple who can’t even see this sim­ple truth. And the video is out in the pub­lic and those who are the pow­ers that be in his line of com­mand can’t demand he remove that which he has not power to remove.