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After Nov. 3, the mean­ing of some words and con­cepts abruptly changed. Have you noticed how new real­i­ties have replaced old ones? Media cross-​examination of the pres­i­dent is now an out-​of-​date idea. The time for gotcha ques­tions has come and gone.

Why ask a pres­i­dent whether he is a trai­tor or a crook when you can focus on his favorite fla­vor of milk­shake or com­pli­ment him on his socks?

The old pre-​election truth was that new vac­cines take years to develop. The new post­elec­tion truth is that it’s no big deal to bring out new vac­cines in nine months.

Impeach­ing a first-​term pres­i­dent after his first midterm elec­tion — on a strictly par­ti­san vote, for polit­i­cal rea­sons other than the Constitution’s “trea­son, bribery, or other high crimes and mis­de­meanors” — is now a ter­ri­ble idea.

Worse would be to appoint a spe­cial coun­sel to harass a pres­i­dent on unfounded charges of col­lu­sion with China. An even scarier notion would be a con­ser­v­a­tive dream team of par­ti­san lawyers hound­ing Pres­i­dent Joe Biden — using a 22-​month, $40 mil­lion blank check.

It would be unpro­fes­sional for uni­ver­sity psy­chol­o­gists and physi­cians from a dis­tance to diag­nose, in pop fash­ion, the men­tal fac­ul­ties of a Pres­i­dent Biden.

Cer­tainly, there would never be talk about Depart­ment of Jus­tice offi­cials con­tem­plat­ing wear­ing a wire as part of an entrap­ment scheme to remove a Pres­i­dent Biden through the 25th Amend­ment. That would almost con­sti­tute a coup attempt.

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