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WTC7The new film Seven (trailer above), directed by Dylan Avery, exam­ines the story of the sci­en­tific study of World Trade Cen­ter build­ing 7 (WTC 7) recently pub­lished by the Uni­ver­sity of Alaska Fair­banks. The study was led by struc­tural engi­neer­ing pro­fes­sor J. Leroy Hulsey and took nearly five years to com­plete. It eval­u­ated the pos­si­bil­i­ties for destruc­tion of WTC 7 using two ver­sions of high-​tech com­puter soft­ware that sim­u­lated the struc­tural com­po­nents of the build­ing and the forces that acted upon it on Sep­tem­ber 11th.

After inputting worst case con­di­tions, and painstak­ingly elim­i­nat­ing what didn’t hap­pen, Hulsey and his team of engi­neers came to the fol­low­ing conclusions:

The prin­ci­pal con­clu­sion of our study is that fire did not cause the col­lapse of WTC 7 on 9/​11, con­trary to the con­clu­sions of NIST and pri­vate engi­neer­ing firms that stud­ied the col­lapse. The sec­ondary con­clu­sion of our study is that the col­lapse of WTC 7 was a global fail­ure involv­ing the near-​simultaneous fail­ure of every col­umn in the building.

These peer-​reviewed con­clu­sions directly con­tra­dict the find­ings of the U.S. government’s final inves­ti­ga­tion into WTC 7 as reported by the National Insti­tute of Stan­dards and Tech­nol­ogy (NIST).

Seven doc­u­ments the jour­ney of Pro­fes­sor Hulsey and his team from their intro­duc­tion to the sub­ject and the related evi­dence to the final pub­li­ca­tion of their report in March of this year. It is an inter­est­ing story and impor­tant for sev­eral rea­sons. First, it shows what an objec­tive group of engi­neer­ing sci­ence pro­fes­sion­als will find if they look closely at the destruc­tion of WTC 7. Addi­tion­ally, it pro­vides a great exam­ple of what one con­cerned cit­i­zen can do to make a great dif­fer­ence in shed­ding light on the truth of the events of Sep­tem­ber 11, 2001.

The con­cerned cit­i­zen, who was barely men­tioned in the film, is John Thiel, a nurse anes­thetist from Alaska. In 2010, Thiel began a 3-​year process of look­ing for an engi­neer to con­duct an hon­est sci­en­tific inves­ti­ga­tion into the destruc­tion of WTC 7. Thiel was not a struc­tural engi­neer, but he knew that the offi­cial reports on the destruc­tion of that build­ing were false and he wanted to do some­thing about it. Ten years later, after con­tact­ing 150 engi­neers, finally find­ing and gain­ing Hulsey’s com­mit­ment to do it, and per­suad­ing Archi­tects and Engi­neers for 911 Truth to get involved, Thiel’s per­sis­tence paid off.

Seven also fea­tures com­ments from some brave engi­neers who have spo­ken out in the past about WTC 7. This includes fire pro­tec­tion engi­neer Scott Grainger, struc­tural engi­neer Kamal Obeid, civil engi­neer and AE911Truth board direc­tor Roland Angle, and mechan­i­cal engi­neer Tony Szam­boti. All these men make pow­er­ful state­ments in the film about NIST’s fail­ures and omis­sion of evidence.

The film reviews much of the evi­dence and how it was treated by the ini­tial ASCE/​FEMA build­ing per­for­mance study and by NIST. It dis­cusses cir­cum­stan­tial evi­dence includ­ing the sus­pi­cious ten­ants of WTC 7 (e.g. the CIA, the Secret Ser­vice, the DOD, and the SEC) and fore­knowl­edge about the col­lapse of the build­ing. It reviews the inex­plic­a­ble “pre­dic­tions” of WTC 7’s col­lapse by media giants CNN and BBC, both of which reported the col­lapse before it actu­ally happened.

How­ever, the strength of the film is in expos­ing the viewer to sci­en­tific facts and evi­dence as described by cred­i­ble experts like Hulsey, Angle, Grainger, Obeid, and Szam­boti. This includes the sam­ples of steel exhibit­ing inter­gran­u­lar melt­ing and sul­fi­da­tion that the New York Times orig­i­nally called “the deep­est mys­tery uncov­ered in the inves­ti­ga­tion” but that were ignored in the NIST reports. It includes the fact that no tall build­ing had ever col­lapse pri­mar­ily from fire and that the fires in WTC 7 were ordi­nary and were fed by only 20-​minutes of fire load in any given area. The film also high­lights con­cerns about the lack of sci­en­tific integrity in NIST’s manip­u­la­tion of model para­me­ters like the coef­fi­cient of expan­sion of steel and the omis­sion of shear studs on the WTC 7 floor assemblies.

The film is only 45 min­utes long and focuses largely on the evi­dence related to Hulsey’s study. It does not include some facts and evi­dence about WTC 7 that have been pointed out in the past. For exam­ple, it does not detail NIST’s his­tory of failed hypothe­ses, like the diesel fuel tank hypoth­e­sis or the claim that the design of the build­ing con­tributed to the col­lapse. It also doesn’t men­tion that the new WTC 7 was com­pleted in 2006, when NIST was stat­ing it had no idea what hap­pened to the first one.

In the film, Pro­fes­sor Hulsey comes across as very cred­i­ble and dri­ven by the desire for an objec­tive approach that gives the pub­lic an under­stand­ing of what hap­pened to WTC 7. His com­ments about build­ing his study on a clear palate, using pure sci­ence, ring true. Avery tells Hulsey’s story sim­ply, with­out engulf­ing the viewer in unan­swered questions.

Over­all, Seven is an excel­lent pre­sen­ta­tion for peo­ple with a sci­en­tific mind­set. As John Thiel wrote to me:

Any engi­neer or sci­en­tist with a basic under­stand­ing of physics, who does not suf­fer from cog­ni­tive dis­so­nance, should eas­ily be con­vinced of the truth after watch­ing this video.

I agree.

If peo­ple want to help reveal the truth about WTC 7, and there­fore about 9/​11, they should share this film with every sci­en­tist and engi­neer they know. It is avail­able on mul­ti­ple stream­ing plat­forms, includ­ing Ama­zon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, and Microsoft. As a soci­ety, our under­stand­ing of the crimes of 911 con­tin­ues to be cru­cial to our under­stand­ing of what is going on today.

Seven is directed by Dylan Avery, released by Archi­tects & Engi­neers for 911 Truth, and avail­able to rent and buy from var­i­ous plat­forms, here.

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