Abby Mar­tin and Mike Prys­ner bring you up to date about the DC Cap­i­tal attack with shock­ing new and hid­den details about the seri­ous­ness of the oper­a­tion, the depths of the inside job, and who from the gov­ern­ment may land in prison for it (includ­ing Trump). Brian Becker, host of The Social­ist Pro­gram pod­cast, joins the con­ver­sa­tion with deep analy­sis about the inter­ven­tion of the impe­ri­al­ist power struc­ture and the real­ity of the fas­cist threat.

Pre­view clip of our new Empire Files pod­cast; full episode on https://​www​.Patreon​.com/​E​m​p​i​r​e​F​i​l​e​s