I am not this hair or this skin, I'm the soul that lives within...
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The Cur­rent Year is 6273

The feel­ing is strong and it over­pow­ers my thoughts, I am not aware of the real­ity that my blood knows only to well!
My mind is hos­tile for the wrong rea­sons, I am only sun and man, but the need to be brother is tremendous!

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One post from one of many Redit investors.

You have been call­ing this a spec­u­la­tive bub­ble, that GameStop will ulti­mately crash down to earth, and that the “lit­tle guys” are going to get hurt. Jim Cramer wants us to “take your home run” and sell. You use words like “fun­da­men­tals” and “val­u­a­tions” and says that the stock price is not justified.

Here’s the fun­da­men­tal: I am an ER doc­tor that trained in inner city Detroit. When I was a res­i­dent physi­cian, Obama was pres­i­dent. Dur­ing his pres­i­dency, the qual­ity of life of the pre­dom­i­nantly African-​Americans in the city did not improve. Despite Oba­macare, I saw lit­tle improve­ment in the health out­comes of the patients I worked with. I saw con­tin­ued pro­lif­er­a­tion of illicit drugs, over­doses, and gang vio­lence. YOU have left these peo­ple behind.

I spent the last sev­eral years work­ing in a small town in the Mid­west, when Trump was pres­i­dent. Dur­ing his pres­i­dency, the qual­ity of life of the pre­dom­i­nantly white Amer­i­cans also did not improve, and have in fact wors­ened. I saw con­tin­ued pro­lif­er­a­tion of illicit drugs, over­doses, and sui­cides. These patients I care for are also peo­ple whom YOU have left behind.

With the pan­demic, I have seen those who are already at the brink of finan­cial sol­vency lose their jobs and I see lines out­side food banks. I see the health out­comes of my patients decline as they forego pre­ven­tive care. I, on the other hand, kept my job, got a raise, and saw the value of my 401k rise as the econ­omy crashed around me. Going to work every day is a con­stant and stark reminder of the bro­ken­ness and dis­par­ity of the eco­nomic sys­tem and my sheer pow­er­less­ness to change it. I real­ize now that it is not polit­i­cal. It is YOU.

I own GameStop because rep­re­sents some­thing to me. It is the very embod­i­ment of the mil­len­nial gen­er­a­tion that you have left behind– a down-​and-​out aging retailer that you feel is no longer worth invest­ing in. We ARE GameStop. We are not sell­ing because we believe in our­selves and invest­ing in our­selves. We WANT to see it succeed.

I am fully aware that I have ben­e­fited from hav­ing a 401k and it is what is sup­port­ing your indus­try. But this also means that YOU work for ME. I fully expect you to fuck over my gen­er­a­tion to save your­selves by run­ning to the politi­cians and reg­u­la­tors that you have bought to stop the squeeze and get them to sus­pend trad­ing on $GME. It is not lost on us that the for­mer Fed chair Ben Bernanke is a senior advi­sor at Citadel and that you paid Janet Yellen $800,000 in speak­ing fees. You will tell them that this is a “sys­temic risk” and that this will “crash the entire finan­cial sys­tem”. You will remind them what hap­pened after they let Lehman Broth­ers fail in 2008. Don’t.

If you are a politi­cian or a reg­u­la­tor read­ing this, don’t lis­ten to their bull­shit. If you inter­vene, stop trad­ing of $GME, bail out hedge funds and big banks like you have in the past and try to pla­cate us by drag­ging a few hedge fund man­agers in front of a con­gres­sional hear­ing, you’ll unite the entire coun­try against YOU. Make sure you are on the right side of this. You work for US too.

This coun­try is bro­ken and frac­tured. You have goaded us into tear­ing each other apart for years. This is the first time that I have seen the entire coun­try rally behind a sin­gle cause. You have given us a rea­son to unite– against you and the sys­tem you have built and upheld.

I own GameStop not because Dia­mond Hands. I own GameStop because I AM GameStop. I am choos­ing to invest in my gen­er­a­tion, and sell­ing would be sell­ing myself out.

We’ll see how many are of the same mind. Let’s dig deeper!

This event sparked of a run up in Sil­ver. Which Sparked this question.

Now you have heard him talk about the illu­sion­ary nature of the finan­cial sys­tem aka “The mar­kets”. This kind of sys­tem can’t exist in real­ity, that is, it is not tied to reality!

How­ever this should be all you need to know to deter­mine what real money is. “Money is tied to the real world”. You dam sure know after a week of work­ing, the only prob­lem is that you believe money is cur­rency, and cur­rency is money.

Find out, what is Con­sti­tu­tional money?

You may be think­ing now, why can’t you do the same thing in the real world? As was stated the mar­ket is too big for the few peo­ple who know and under­stand, the term Con­sti­tu­tional money to move the mar­ket. How­ever, should more peo­ple buy it will at some point start to move the real price. It’s a wait­ing game for those long on Sil­ver. The advan­tage is that with sil­ver you are hold­ing money (sav­ing) not a debt!



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