I am not this hair or this skin, I'm the soul that lives within...
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The Cur­rent Year is 6274

The feel­ing is strong and it over­pow­ers my thoughts, I am not aware of the real­ity that my blood knows only to well!
My mind is hos­tile for the wrong rea­sons, I am only sun and man, but the need to be brother is tremendous!

No hype, we are about to go through some his­toric times. There is Supreme Court case com­ing up that can chal­lenge the valid­ity of many mem­bers of the house of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives and the Sen­ate! The case is Brun­son vs Alma S. Adam’s 22380 Court Docket

This case is about gov­ern­ment offi­cials at the high­est level break­ing their oath of office by not inves­ti­gat­ing com­plaints about elec­tion fraud. It will con­sist of 388 defen­dants from the cur­rent res­i­dence in the white house on down) of which their Coun­cil has waved the defendant’s rights at the pre­lim­i­nary stages.

This could be the last chance the peo­ple who are awake get to redress their gov­ern­ment. Here is a link to an inter­view with Lloyd Brun­son on Greg Hunter’s USA Watch­Dog Show.

You can fol­low the Brun­son Broth­ers on Telegram

You can fol­low the Brun­son Broth­ers on truthsocial

To find out more or to donate to the Brun­son case, go to 7Dis​cov​er​ies​.com.

This is one of the rea­sons this site was started and why it’s never been a fee! This take over started with J.F.K.

As you know if you been here any­time there is always just a bit more to the story. I won­der if the note has any­thing to do with this?

It was fit­ting that I added the JFK footage! If you thought noth­ing was wrong, this is an eye opener. The Supreme Court will not hear the Brun­son case.

This is the Supreme Court say­ing that it is law­ful for our repsen­ta­tives to defraud the Pub­lic, that is, it is law­ful for repsen­ta­tives to do that which is oth­er­wise unlaw­ful! But what is really shock­ing some lawyers pre­dicted it! But, that the major media didn’t cover it, that was expected.


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