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The feel­ing is strong and it over­pow­ers my thoughts, I am not aware of the real­ity that my blood knows only to well!
My mind is hos­tile for the wrong rea­sons, I am only sun and man, but the need to be brother is tremendous!

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Life seems to be pitch­ing curves, and they always seem to be
high and inside! Well not to long ago it seems that my life
got inside a soft­ball game and I got one pitched under­handed!

I had decided that I was not going to reg­is­ter my car and
see­ing that one of the other cars being used in the house
was not inspected by the state I would put my inspec­tion
sticker on that car, leav­ing my car with no inspec­tion and no
reg­is­tra­tion. As it hap­pened one day there was no car at home
to use other than my car which had no inspec­tion or reg­is­tra­tion.
But I thought I would just run to the store and back. On the way
I hit a stop and check. As you may expect I was asked to pull
over which I did. The offi­cer ( good look­ing African type lady) ask me
for my license. To which I replied “I don’t have a license, I don’t
drive.” To which she asked “Well what do you call what your
doing now? To which I replied “I’m trav­el­ing to the store to
get some­thing!” She just looks at me for about 20 sec­onds then
asked me for some I.D.! I advised her that I did have I.D. and that
I would also like to see her I.D. She was not to keen on that idea
but after some talk­ing she said that if I give her my I.D. she will get her’s out of the car
and show it to me, so I gave her my pass­port. (Now I know some of
you will say that I was con­tract­ing with her at that time, and I also
was think­ing that, but I know that I can stop this kind of con­tract at
any time, so I was not too wor­ried.) when the offi­cer came back to the
car she asked me to whom dose this car belong? To which I replied
this car belongs to [We’ll use the name Mtunza Malango! (trans­la­tion
Gate­keeper for my peo­ple) So she asked “whats your name? And I
stated Mtunza Malango! To which she stated “So then it’s your car!”
To which I replied “No! I am not Mtunza Malango! I am the autho­rized
rep­re­sen­ta­tive for Mtunza Malango!” That appeared to have the affect
of blow­ing a fuse, So I thought it would be a good time to ask about the
I.D. again. She just looked at me and said she was going to call the Sar­gent.
About 5 min­utes later the Sar­gent comes and we start from
the begin­ning, the same as above but with a twist! First he states that he
is going to take me in! To which I reply you can do that but you going to
have some juris­dic­tional issues. Well he drop that idea right away and said
“I don’t think that you have per­mis­sion to use this car and that I’m going
to tow it!” and walked away. Now I’m think­ing what do I do now? Then
it hit me, he is talk­ing about own­er­ship! Well I got that! So I call him over
and showed him the expired reg­is­tra­tion. Which was good enough to stop
any idea about tow­ing my car. He said a few words to the offi­cer and got
in his car and was gone. She walks over after a bit and hands me two tick­ets.
The next day, In block let­ters I wrote on the tick­ets “these do not belong to
me” and mail them back. I got a let­ter from them stat­ing that I should report
for a per-​trail hear­ing. I sent them back a nota­rize let­ter stat­ing that I was
trav­el­ing and that I would need to know by what juris­dic­tion they were act­ing
on. As one might expect I got no reply! And some how I miss that report­ing
date. The next let­ter was not so nice it stated that a war­rant would be issued
if I did not show for the next hear­ing. Well I had no inten­tion on being kid­napped
by the state. So I got ready for bat­tle I wrote the let­ter below (let­ter and tick­ets
to be posted on my site) and went down to meet my adver­sary.
I soon found out that this was a the time the sheep get a dis­count on their dona­tions.
I was all ready to make my state­ment ” There can be no plead to that which the
dis­so­lu­tion is sort.” But the judge says that the pros­e­cu­tor needs to talk to
you before we can pro­ceed. When I got to see the pros­e­cu­tor he said to me I see
your paper­work here, tell me how much per­cent­age are you will­ing to win by?
I told him 100% ! He then asked if I would take a 80% win, to that I replied “NO
At this time I think there was an attempt to do the Jedi mind trick because the
pros­e­cu­tor leans for­ward in his seat and said to me “Find we do this every­day!”
To which I replied ” Great will that be all? ” By the time my trail date came I was
ready. The way I see it going to court is like a chess game. You start out on ether
side with a lim­ited amount of moves then as the game pro­ceeds the num­ber of moves
becomes vir­tu­ally lim­it­less! So the thing to do is not to let it get past the open­ing game.
So I worked out a syn­op­sis of what would hap­pen in court and what to do in each
sce­nario. When I was called I stood up and said,

“I’m here about the account, may I enter the bar reserv­ing my right?””

I think the pros­e­cu­tor was gun shy, because he passed some papers to the judge and the next
thing I remem­ber is the judge say­ing ” The pros­e­cu­tion has move to drop the case. And the
peo­ple agreed case dis­missed!” As far as that base­ball ref­er­ence at the start of the story,
Well that under­handed pitch, it got knocked out of the park, home run num­ber 2! remem­ber
Seat Belts! (on my site : for quick access use open ID)

I will try to give more insite into my think­ing about this case there.

Let­ter of Rota­tory in the form of a

Thow shall not bear false wit­ness against thy neigh­bors!
Thow shall not covet thy neigh­bors prop­erty nor any­thing that is thy neigh­bors!
Thow shall not lie!


In rem: relates to juris­dic­tion may be shown as to the subject-​matter, the per­son, or, in pro­ceed­ings in rem, as to the thing.

Res: “Prop­erty in con­test, and the author­ity of the court to ren­der the judg­ment or decree which it assumes to make.

Prop­erty: “relates the right given by the all mighty ( given to all.)”

Court : The house where the king remains with his ret­inue; also, the place where jus­tice is admin­is­tered.

Per­sonam: against a per­son for the pur­pose of impos­ing a lia­bil­ity or oblig­a­tion

Escheat: A rever­sion of prop­erty to the state in con­se­quence of a want of any indi­vid­ual com­pe­tent to inherit.

: End of Def­i­n­i­tions

1. That the law of the land is the only law that can be used by the right­eous.

2. This notice is to advices that I do not grant in per­sonam juris­dic­tion or juris­dic­tion by Escheat.

3. That I will deter­mine juris­dic­tion or the nature and cause of the action com­ing before my duly con­sti­tuted court.

(This may it be subject-​matter, the per­son, or, in pro­ceed­ings in rem.)

4 I will appear to deter­mine who has or states to have a claim against me.

5 That I am appear­ing under dourest and not by vol­un­tary par­tic­i­pa­tion.

6 That my time is not free whereas any per-​contractual or con­trac­tual forced nego­ti­a­tion with­out the want of juris­dic­tion, will incur a fee of $200.00 (Two hun­dred dol­lars per hour) or any part of same and $2000.00 (Two thou­sand dol­lars per hour) if incar­cer­ated.

(Those who do not love truth, and who take plea­sure in injus­tice, will be giver fur­ther delu­sions by God so they become deceived by their own lies). –2 Thess. 2:712

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