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The Cur­rent Year is 6265

The feel­ing is strong and it over­pow­ers my thoughts, I am not aware of the real­ity that my blood knows only to well!
My mind is hos­tile for the wrong rea­sons, I am only sun and man, but the need to be brother is tremendous!

Cog­ni­tive Dis­so­nance often hap­pens when taken to a Higher Frequency

Their seems to be many for profit gurus of the law in these days. Some claim to have been in jail and some do not make such claims. I’m not clear how going to jail makes one an expert at law, but there are many things that can get pass a per­son who has no under­stand­ing of the mat­ter at hand. Under­stand­ing the mat­ter at hand when it is new to you requires that you keep an open mind and pay close atten­tion. The worst thing one can do as a stu­dent or a teacher is to have a close mine or assume that you already know or should know.

Last year I was intro­duced to a show on inter­net radio. This show con­cerns itself with many issues the main one being going to court. It is a pub­lic ser­vice show (in that the show pro­vides a small pub­lic ser­vice with addi­tional options for more in depth help). And for that I com­mend the show because it takes a lot of ded­i­ca­tion to be able to do a show every day of the week. That being said, many times teach­ers on this sub­ject become vain­glo­ri­ous and there­for com­pla­cent. When that hap­pens it becomes hard to see new ways. (that really were always there!) For that rea­son I took more time to give a con­certed effort to present this story in the best light for the host. This is a story of Cog­ni­tive Dissonance!

Cog­ni­tive Dis­so­nance
(Social psy­chol­o­gists refer to cog­ni­tive dis­so­nance as the pres­ence
of con­gru­ent rela­tions among cog­ni­tion [thought and under­stand­ing]). “When dis­so­nance is present, in addi­tion to try­ing to reduce it, the per­son will actively avoid sit­u­a­tions and infor­ma­tion which would likely increase the dissonance”.

In this case the host has been told and believes that one must play by the rules of the court at all times. He expe­ri­ences cog­ni­tive dis­so­nance when told that that is not always the case. To under­stand what I was telling the host it is sug­gested that you lis­ten to this short story I call “Seat Belts 3 which should explain how the process works. then lis­ten to the call in, and we can dig deeper after you have.

Seat belts 3

Talk Show call In

Please keep in mind that we all agreed that we have the right to con­tract as put forth by the peo­ple for the gov­ern­ing bod­ies in the Con­sti­tu­tion : No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Con­fed­er­a­tion; grant Let­ters of Mar­que and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and sil­ver Coin a Ten­der in Pay­ment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attain­der, ex post facto Law, or Law impair­ing the Oblig­a­tion of Con­tracts, or grant any Title of Nobil­ity.

(Title of Nobil­ity : Esq * which is a lawyer)

So the court can’t impair my right to con­tract! Which means they (the court) can’t tell me or you that one must take a lawyer even if he will not con­tract with you. That would be impair­ing your rights. (YOU GOTTA KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)

Lawyers are offi­cers of the court and they are respon­si­ble to the judi­ciary for the pro­pri­ety of their pro­fes­sional activ­i­ties. In other words, their first oblig­a­tion is to the court, which pro­vides them a means of liv­ing. So if you don’t have a con­tract with the lawyer how do you know who he is work­ing for?

Notice that the host first reac­tion is to put the speaker into a cat­e­gory! (ie “He must be a Moore”) which is an error of assump­tion, [an attempt to reduce dis­so­nance] to bring what I am say­ing in line with his think­ing. He refuses to hear that I am more than will­ing to accept a lawyer. But with prej­u­dice , he must sign a con­tract to work for me! This can not be viewed as an unrea­son­able demand as it is part of their trade to write contracts.“So demand a con­tract”!
This seem to be the hard­est fact for the host to accept, an unex­pected curve in the per­cep­tion of the law! Then it really get strange when he starts telling me that “what I want to do is, form a con­tract with the lawyer and accept his appoint­ment
(which is what I’ve been talk­ing about all along!) After the host make some inter­est­ing state­ments about pub­lic and pri­vate in con­junc­tion with courts and debt col­lec­tion!” (I’m not sure he is see­ing the big pic­ture. The fed­eral reserve is not a part of the gov­ern­ment and they are the prob­lem not the solu­tion.)
It’s not clear if he knows that the courts are duplic­ity in action, and if you do not make the court, your court. It becomes or remains a court of equity. As far as being seen by the court, how can any­one see a straw-​man (a fic­tion)? In other words, the only time the court can’t see you is when you do not under­stand! As per the maxim (He who dose not under­stand is not present!) So if the court is act­ing like your not there, it is most likely because you do not under­stand what is going on. When you do under­stand they tend to dis­miss the case or leave the court­room.
Any­way he agrees with me about the rat­i­fi­ca­tion of com­mence­ment, but I am unsure of that because he goes on to talk about com­mer­cial courts .He does not under­stand that a rat­i­fi­ca­tion of com­mence­ment is about the real party of inter­est, and that in com­mer­cial court when deal­ing with the state as the plain­tiff there is no real party of inter­est!
I was promised that he would look into what I was say­ing. As I, in fact asked him to, because of the num­ber of peo­ple who look to him for help. And if he had, he would have been able to help the caller that called in just a few weeks later.
This is the sit­u­a­tion that the caller stated he was in. He some­how got into a con­fronta­tion with a pol­icy enforce­ment officer(aka) police, and he was also on pro­ba­tion. He told the host that his court case was that Fri­day and that he would prob­a­bly be going to jail.
And the host agreed, He would be going to jail because there was no way he was going to get the paper­work in!

Which is the rea­son for the emer­gency lit­i­ga­tion process.

I was unable to con­nect via phone that day.

There are to many errors in under­stand­ing to put into in this post and it might seem to some if I con­tinue, that I have a bone to pick.But as stated I com­mend the afford.
But if requested, I will post a com­ment on them. (errors) If more under­stand­ing is needed…

When the ears of the stu­dent are ready to hear, Then com­mence the lips to fill them with wisdom…

The Kybalion

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# The Shep­herd 2014-​12-​26 22:09
I know this is hard for many to under­stand so I will make a record­ing to clear this up. But under­stand that the court is not your mas­ter and can’t push any thing or any­one on you. It’s like talk­ing to the weak minded guard “THESE ARE NOT THE DROID YOUR LOOK­ING FOR!”
# kinky 2015-​03-​26 19:48
FreeSpeech Raido Story (or) Why all crimes are Com­mer­cial, this link should be in the above post.

# JGG 2016-​11-​25 15:09
Rule of law with Eddie Craig (traf­fic) and Randy Kel­ton help those inter­ested in under­stand­ing how law works and apply­ing it in your case.
Rule​OfLawRadio​.com it is bet­ter to study the ways of law before you need it.
# The Shep­herd 2017-​04-​07 13:25
I checked out Eddie Craig (traf­fic) and Randy Kel­ton site. It is my opin­ion the the sit­u­a­tion is so bad in the States United that we don’t have time to ( and many don’t have $200 or more to pay for the infor­ma­tion) Peo­ple need to get away from the cor­po­rate men­tal­ity. We have been up for over 10 years as you see the site now. How­ever we did add a dona­tion but­ton on the site! If you can find it!
# Yusef El 2017-​07-​21 23:38
Boy, I must of really hurt your feel­ings. You are putting a lot of energy into me.
# Yusef El 2017-​07-​21 23:41
Going to jail doesn’t make you an expert but it gives you time to study. Some­thing that you have obvi­ously con­ducted in a lim­ited sphere which is demon­strated by your myopic par­a­digm of the legal sys­tem. Tell me…WHAT MAKES YOU AN EXPERT ON THE LAW?
# Yusef El 2017-​07-​22 00:13
What is so funny is 75% of what you are say­ing is what I have been say­ing for the last 5 years. You obvi­ously have lis­tened :D to only ONE SHOW.
# The Shep­herd 2017-​07-​25 16:07
What is so funny is 75% of what you are say­ing is what I have been say­ing for the last
5 years. You obvi­ously have lis­tened :D to only ONE SHOW.

Yusef El: Let’s look at this! The re-​post of seat-​belts occurred Sun­day, 07 of Decem­ber 2014 at 5:16 pm so that is three (3) years ago but the story is a re-​post that I retrieved from the Inter­net Way Back Machine. Which is why the post states that the story occurred from one and one half to six (11÷2 to 6) years ago.
So the first story was posted nine (9) years ago. And was the most impor­tant stories/​event as to why Genet­icMem­ory is still up as a web­site. There was no blog talk then!
No what is inter­est­ing is, that what you are refer­ring to is more than five years old. That kind of make me think you didn’t even take to time to do what you said you would. In my first year of high school I was a 5% (five pre­sen­ter) if you have never heard of them no big deal. But we had a say­ing “Word is bond” as a mat­ter of fact that where the say­ing comes from. Which mean you do what you say you will do!
Maybe you should have just read the post Track Record in about-​us sec­tion you and
could have come up with a bet­ter protest. It is true I only lis­ten to one show and
that was the show that I made the call into after being told about the show from a friend. I was my intent on work­ing with and for you. I make that offer to any­one I think is out to help peo­ple.
There have been many that I have offer my help to. But like you the offer falls on deaf ears.(But as the wise men say “When the ears of the stu­dent are ready to hear, then com­mence to fill them with wis­dom.)
This is why the site is still small and very few know about it. Not all ears are ready to hear. I was ready to help at no cost to you, if and only if I could con­vince you to work for the peo­ple, and not for the fic­tion which is the dol­lar. Truth be told I would have still worked for you if you would have under­stood
that a man can not have two mas­ters. (Have two con­flict­ing ideas) It cre­ates cog­ni­tive dis­si­dence. (As I almost stated on your show but didn’t wish to be rude.) lis­ten to the con­ver­sa­tion again and you might here where I cut myself off.
The only way out of that is to drop one of the con­flict­ing ideas or use double-​think.
You have cho­sen the lat­ter because it is a sure path to an F.R.N. (aka) the dol­lar bills. Your advis­ers should have advised you not to post this here! But all are free to post here. ;-)
Break­ing the enemy resis­tance with­out fight­ing, that’s not my idea it is Sung Tzu: The Art Of War!
Check Genet­icMem­o­ries track record. You are too slow! Or maybe your arms are just too short to box with god aka The truth
# The Shep­herd 2017-​07-​25 16:21
Going to jail doesn’t make you an expert but it gives you time to study. Some­thing that
you have obvi­ously con­ducted in a lim­ited sphere which is demon­strated by your myopic
par­a­digm of the legal syst

Yusef El this is truly inter­est­ing you say that I am myopic. That is the rea­son I could not sup­port your affords Your myopic view of edu­cat­ing the peo­ple for a dol­lar. Which as I said I could deal with if not agree with, as long as your infor­ma­tion would be help­ful. Or at least “Do No Harm!“
Yusef El: It seems I missed a ques­tion. WHAT MAKES YOU (me) AN EXPERT ON THE LAW?
In cases like yours, it needs to be made clear what is law? It’s not very hard to under­stand the law. Here is the com­plete extent of the law, DO NO HARM! What you talk about is not law it’s legal. So your ques­tion should be what make me an expert on legal mat­ters. The answer, Nothing!
# The Shep­herd 2017-​07-​25 16:24
Boy, I must of really hurt your feel­ings. You are putting a lot of energy into me.

Yusef El, I put a lot of energy into what I see as truth. Now you have hit on the sub­ject that is of some note.
I am hurt! When­ever you hurt my brother you hurt me.Here is another inter­est­ing fact the story in ques­tion
(Cog­ni­tive Dis­so­nance at High Fre­quency!) was posted Mon­day, 08 Decem­ber 2014 10:35 PM but you are just now protest­ing it.
And you would not have posted now but for the fact that you are now attempt­ing to sell some infor­ma­tion that for those who know, is freely available.
# Lau­ren Con­rad 2018-​02-​08 23:47
It is per­fect time to make some plans for
the future and it is time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I
could I want to sug­gest you some inter­est­ing things or advice.

Per­haps you could write next arti­cles refer­ring to this arti­cle.
I want to read even more things about it!
# The Shep­herd 2018-​02-​12 02:36
I sent you an e-​mail in reply to this post.
# Lau­ren Con­rad 2018-​02-​11 23:07
I’m truly enjoy­ing the design and lay­out of your web­site.
It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoy­able for me to come
here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to cre­ate your theme?
Superb work!
# The Shep­herd 2018-​02-​12 02:39
This is a very old free tem­plate stripped down of all default set­tings. The is from glob­bers Joomla tem­plate.
Thanks, glad you like it.
# Francesco 2018-​05-​08 19:37
Hi, i think that i saw you vis­ited my weblog so i came to “return the favor”.I’m attempt­ing to find things to enhance my web site!I
sup­pose its ok to use some of your ideas!!
# Ronald Jerome 2018-​09-​20 10:56
for­give the lag in the reply. Use any­thing you like. If you are using joomla then you can find all of the mod here https://​exten​sions​.joomla​.org/
any ques­tion send to mail@​geneticmemory.​org

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