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Marc Lam­ont Hill and Judge Joe Brown Get into Heated Debate on Media’s Por­trayal of Bill Cosby

Marc Lam­ont is attemp­ing to make the claim that Bill Cosby should have been held account­able for the action of oth­ers. Judge Joe Brown point out the error of his think­ing and states that every­one should be held account­able for the actions they take!

As Phyli­cia Rashad would say, let dig deeper!

The Judge with­out interuption!

We should remem­ber that the accu­sa­tions came not long after Bill Cosby attempted to buy a major media out­let. If you think this has noth­ing to do with what hap­pen to Bill Cosby, you are wel­come to have that opin­ion. How­ever, you will still be in Amer­ica! NBC was for sale before Bill attemped to buy it! Is it true we can’t have a brown man own a major media out­let, with a dif­fer­ent opinion?

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