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Hypocrisy is the con­trivance of a false appear­ance of virtue or good­ness, while con­ceal­ing real char­ac­ter or incli­na­tions, espe­cially with respect to reli­gious and moral beliefs; hence in a gen­eral sense, hypocrisy may involve dis­sim­u­la­tion, pre­tense, or a sham. Hypocrisy is the prac­tice of engag­ing in the same behav­ior or activ­ity for which one crit­i­cizes another. In moral psy­chol­ogy, it is the fail­ure to fol­low one’s own expressed moral rules and prin­ci­ples. For an exam­ple, in Texas a woman of color in prison for voter fraud has lost her bid for a new trial. Crys­tal Mason was con­victed of ille­gal vot­ing in March, after she cast a pro­vi­sional bal­lot in the 2016 pres­i­den­tial elec­tion despite hav­ing a past felony con­vic­tion for tax fraud that pre­vented her from vot­ing. Mason said she didn’t know she was not allow to vote in Taxas due to her crim­i­nal record. Accord­ing to a 2016 report by the Sen­tenc­ing Project, poli­cies restrict­ing the vot­ing rights of con­victed felons dis­in­fran­chise more than 6 mil­lion people.

Chys­tal Mason’s sup­port­ers are demandig charges be drooped, arug­ing that the con­vic­tion was racially biased. This fol­lows a voter fraud con­vic­tion in Iowa, where Terri Lynn Rote a (so-​called) white woman was cov­victed of the same crime, after she tried to vote for Pres­i­dent Trump “twice”! Rote was sen­tenced to two years pro­ba­tion and fined $750.{jcomments on}

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