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Money vs Currency

This state­ment can be found on the 1933 dol­lar (Here’s why)

(Reposted sto­ries between 112 to 6 years ago )


For those who might be upset about the use of the term “Pigs”

It is and always was in ref­er­ence to the book Ani­mal Fram

In the book the con­trollers were rep­re­sented as Pigs!

US 1934 %0 dollar bill

This is the most hacked page on the site it has been offline as far as the audio because no one cared to report it. Why do I say 12 to 6 years ago from the date posted is because it has had to be reposted 4 to 5 times!

This is also the rea­son it is not in text as it use to be. I just wanted it to be avail­able to every­one who would not want to read it. That was just luckly because it was not lost as many oth­ers were.!

Thanks to that many who have just click away with­out being able to make up their minds if the infor­ma­tion on this page is valid for their consumption.

They found me out! I had a feel­ing I should have down­loaded that video. But it plays much faster on youtube and the peo­ple no longer have the atten­tion span to wait for slow ser­vice, but also don’t have the will to help make it better

This Video is being played from my slow server, so start it then pause ( at least 60 sec.) and let it download!

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World Con­trol

Wise Words

We’re in a lot of trouble!

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