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HempHave you ever heard any say, You can’t see the for­est for the trees or no one see the ele­phant in the room. Well that how it is with our sun.

Solar Wind Intro­duc­tion | Sun Series 1

Lay­ers of the Sun | Sun Series 2

Sunspots | Sun Series 3

Solar Flares and CMEs | Sun Series 4


I added this so that a proper under­stand­ing of our plan­ets place and move­ment in the solar sys­tem. We will get back to the sun series in 3:20 but remem­ber this when the topic of the Helios­phere comes up.

Space Radi­a­tion & CME Impact | Sun Series 5

The Mega Flare | Sun Series 6

Geo­mag­netic Storms | Sun Series 7

Coro­nal Holes | Sun Series 8

Sunspot Clas­si­fi­ca­tions | Sun Series 9

Cycles of the Sun | Sun Series 10

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