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Soy­lent Green Farms is a Reality

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List of com­pa­nies using fetal cells from aborted babies to fla­vor the orga­ni­za­tion “Chil­dren of God for Life” called on peo­ple to boy­cott the prod­ucts of major food cor­po­ra­tions asso­ci­ated with Seno­myx, a biotech­nol­ogy com­pany that pro­duces enhancers arti­fi­cial fla­vor unless Seno­myx stop using aborted fetal cell lines to test their products.

In 2010, the pro-​life orga­ni­za­tion wrote to the CEO of Seno­myx, Jew­ish Zion­ist Kent Sny­der, indi­cat­ing the many eth­i­cal and moral choices that can and should be used to test their food additives.

How­ever, Seno­myx and the com­pa­nies listed on its web­site as “part­ners” decided to ignore the let­ter. The giants of the food indus­try as Pep­sico, Kraft Foods, Camp­bell Soup, Solae and Nes­tle are the main tar­gets of the boy­cott, although Seno­myx account other inter­na­tional part­ners on their website.

Senomyx’s web­site says that “the key pro­grams of fla­vor com­pany focus­ing on the dis­cov­ery and devel­op­ment of savory ingre­di­ents, candy and other addi­tives intended to reduce the MSG, sugar and salt in food and bev­er­age prod­ucts (…) “, pro­claim­ing that” (…) using the iso­lated human taste recep­tors, we cre­ated pro­pri­etary test sys­tems based on taste recep­tors that pro­vide a bio­chem­i­cal or elec­tronic read­out when a fla­vor ingre­di­ent inter­acts with the receptor. ”

Removed from the pub­lic by You tube (google)


Seno­myx says its part­ners will pro­vide fund­ing for research and devel­op­ment, plus on sales of prod­ucts using their fla­vor ingredients.

What is hid­den from the pub­lic who are using HEK 293 – human embry­onic kid­ney cells taken from an elec­tively aborted baby to pro­duce these recep­tors,” said Debi Vinnedge, Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of Chil­dren of God for Life, a pro-​life orga­ni­za­tion and ethics which mon­i­tors the use and amount of aborted fetal mate­r­ial in med­ical and cos­metic prod­ucts (per year).

They could use mon­key cells (CON) cells, Chi­nese ham­ster ovary cells, insect cells or other human taste recep­tor, morally obtained, express­ing the G pro­tein,” said Vinnedge.

After sev­eral requests for infor­ma­tion Nestlé finally admit­ted his rela­tion­ship with Seno­myx, indi­cat­ing that the cell line was “well estab­lished in the sci­en­tific research”.

After lis­ten­ing to Ms. Vinnedge in April 2012, expos­ing the real­ity of the prob­lem, many consumers-​angry cit­i­zens began to express their con­dem­na­tion of such immoral­ity through let­ters to com­pa­nies. Camp­bell Soup and Pep­siCo responded immediately.

Pepsi was one of the com­pa­nies with Mon­santo con­tributed money in the cam­paign against GM labeling.

Sur­pris­ingly, Pep­sico wrote: “We expect to feel safe know­ing that our col­lab­o­ra­tion with Seno­myx is strictly lim­ited to the cre­ation of drinks with lower calo­rie and great taste for con­sumers. This coop­er­a­tion will help us achieve our com­mit­ment to reduce sugar by 25% in key brands and the main mar­kets of the next decade, even­tu­ally, we help peo­ple live health­ier lives. “Read the arti­cle: – Coca Cola and Pepsi cause cancer –

The Camp­bell Soup cor­po­ra­tion was a lit­tle con­cerned about the answer: “Every effort will be made to use the best ingre­di­ents and develop the largest selec­tion of prod­ucts, pro­vid­ing a great value. With this in mind, I must say that it is not worth com­pro­mis­ing the trust we have grown and devel­oped over the years with our cus­tomers to reduce costs or increase profit margins. ”

Although Camp­bell said not change their meth­ods, Vinnedge felt hope.

If enough peo­ple express their out­rage and their inten­tion to boy­cott these con­sumer prod­ucts, Seno­myx it could be forced to change their meth­ods,” he said.

Click here to read the orig­i­nal let­ters of response Pep­sico, Nes­tle and Camp­bell Soup (Let­ter 1, 2, 3)

Need evi­dence on the use of fetal cell lines from aborted babies Senomyx?

This is the link online for your patent in the sweet recep­tors (sev­eral sep­a­rate patents were filed for every taste recep­tor). As is long and tech­ni­cal, we rec­om­mend doing a search on the doc­u­ment for HEK-​293.

HEK (human embry­onic kid­ney cells 293), also known as HEK 293, 293, or less pre­cisely as HEK cells. They are a spe­cific cell line orig­i­nally obtained from human embry­onic kid­ney cells, and cul­tured in a lab­o­ra­tory (tis­sue cul­ture). HEK 293 cells are very easy to grow and easy to trans­fect, which were widely used in cell biol­ogy research for many years. They are also used by the biotech indus­try to pro­duce ther­a­peu­tic pro­teins and viruses for gene therapy.

A list of prod­ucts con­tain­ing HEK cells.

  • All soft drinks and Pepsi
  • All drinks Sierra Mist
  • All drinks Moun­tain Dew
  • All the en Beer Mug Root Beer (Pepsi)
  • Drinks No Fear
  • Drinks Ocean Spray
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee
  • All drinks Tazo
  • All brands of “Energy Drink”
  • Aqua­fina Water
  • Aqua­fina Water saborizas
  • Dou­bleShot
  • Frap­puc­cino
  • Lip­ton tea and other beverages
  • Pro­pel
  • SoBe
  • Gatorade
  • Party Miranda
  • Trop­i­cana

All prod­ucts of Nestle

  • Includ­ing cof­fee cream­ers, instant soups Maggi bouil­lon cubes, ketchup, sauces, instant noo­dles soup.

Kraft – Cad­bury Adams LLC Products:


  • Black Jack
  • Bub­baloo
  • Bub­b­li­cious
  • Chi­clets
  • Clorets
  • Den­tyne
  • Freshen Up Gum
  • Sour Cherry Gum
  • Sour Apple Gum
  • Stride
  • Tri­dent

Cad­bury Adams LLC Candies

  • Sour Cherry Blasters
  • Fruit Mania
  • Bassett’s Liquorice
  • May­nards Wine Gum
  • Swedish Fish
  • Swedish Berries
  • Juicy Squirts
  • Orig­i­nal Gummies
  • Fuzzy Peach
  • Sour Chillers
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Mini Fruit Gums

Other Cad­bury Adams LLC

  • Certs
  • Halls

Neo­cutis Products

This com­pany pro­duces anti-​wrinkle creams con­tain­ing cells of aborted babies of 14 weeks ges­ta­tion. Here is a list of creams, although a boy­cott is rec­om­mended for all prod­ucts Neocutis.

Journee Bio-​Gel Prevedem

Bio-​Serum Lumiere

Bio Restora­tive Skin Cream

Vac­cines hav­ing HEK cells and their manufacturers:

MMR II (Merck)

Pro­Quad (MMR + vari­cella – Merck)

Vari­vax (Vari­cella – Merck)

Pen­ta­cel (DTaP Polio + Hib + – Sanofi Pasteur)

Vaqta (Hepatitis-​A – Merck)

Havrix (Hepatitis-​A – Glaxo SmithKline)

Twin­rix (Hepatitis-​A and B combo – Glaxo)

Zostavax (Shin­gles – Merck)

Imovax (Rabia – Sanofi Pasteur)

Other drugs:

Pul­mozyme (cys­tic fibro­sis – Genetech)

Enbrel (rheuma­toid arthri­tis – Amgen)


Read the full report.

Chil­dren of God for Life

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