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bio-​gravitics, hutchi­son effect, vibro-​acoustics!

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The link to the online doc­u­men­ta­tion is below, fol­low by an audio/​text pre­sen­ta­tion and of the Introduction.

The Nat­ural Phe­nom­ena of Anti­Grav­i­ta­tion and Invis­i­bil­ity in Insects
due to the Greben­nikov Cav­ity Struc­ture Effect (CSE)

The Nat­ural Phe­nom­ena of Anti­Grav­i­ta­tion and Invis­i­bil­ity in Insects
due to the Greben­nikov Cav­ity Struc­ture Effect (CSE)


by Iu. N. Chered­nichenko, Senior Researcher, Bio­physics Lab­o­ra­tory, Insti­tute of Human Pathol­ogy and Ecol­ogy, Russ­ian Acad­emy of Med­ical Science

Vik­tor Stepanovich Greben­nikov is a nat­u­ral­ist, a pro­fes­sional ento­mol­o­gist, an artist-​simply put, an intel­lec­tual with a wide range of inter­ests and pur­suits. He is known to many as the dis­cov­erer of the Cav­ernous Struc­tures Effect (CSE). But very few peo­ple are famil­iar with his other dis­cov­ery, one that also bor­rows from Nature and its inner­most secrets.

Back in 1988 he dis­cov­ered anti-​gravitational effects of the chitin shell of cer­tain insects. But the most impres­sive con­comi­tant phe­nom­e­non dis­cov­ered at the same time was that of com­plete or par­tial invis­i­bil­ity or of dis­torted per­cep­tion of mate­r­ial objects enter­ing the zone of com­pen­sated grav­ity. Based on this dis­cov­ery, the author used bionic prin­ci­ples to design and build an anti-​gravitational plat­form for diri­gi­ble flights at the speed of up to 25 km/​min. Since 199192 he has used this device for fast transportation.

Bio-​gravitational effects are a wide spec­trum of nat­ural phe­nom­ena, appar­ently not con­fined to just a few species of insects. There is much empir­i­cal data to sup­port the pos­si­bil­ity of a low­ered weight or com­plete lev­i­ta­tion of mate­r­ial objects as a result of directed psycho-​physical human action (psychokinesis)-e. g. lev­i­ta­tion of yogi prac­tic­ing tran­scen­den­tal med­i­ta­tion accord­ing to the Mahar­ishi method. There are known cases of medi­ums lev­i­tat­ing dur­ing spiri­tis­tic ses­sions. How­ever, it would be a mis­take to think that such abil­i­ties are only found in peo­ple who are gifted by nature.

I am con­vinced that these abil­i­ties are an under­stud­ied bio­log­i­cal reg­u­lar­ity. As is known, human weight sig­nif­i­cantly drops in the state of som­nam­bu­lis­tic automa­tism (sleep­walk­ing). Dur­ing their noc­tur­nal jour­neys, 8090 kg sleep­walk­ers are able to tread on thin planks, or step on peo­ple sleep­ing next to them with­out caus­ing the lat­ter any phys­i­cal dis­com­fort (other than fright). Some clin­i­cal cases of non-​spasmodic epilep­tic fits often result in a short-​term reversible trans­for­ma­tion of per­son­al­ity (peo­ple in such state are com­monly referred to as “pos­sessed”), whereby a skinny, exhausted girl or a ten-​year-​old boy acquire the phys­i­cal prowess of a trained athlete.

Cur­rently this psy­cho­log­i­cal phe­nom­e­non is known as multiple-​personality syn­drome because it sig­nif­i­cantly dif­fers from the clas­si­cal com­plex of epilep­tic symp­toms. Such clin­i­cal cases are well-​known and well-​documented. How­ever, phe­nom­ena accom­pa­nied by a change in the weight of humans or of mate­r­ial objects are not con­fined to func­tional patholo­gies of the organism.

Healthy peo­ple in the state of acute psy­cho­log­i­cal stress caused by a life-​threatening sit­u­a­tion or an over­pow­er­ing moti­va­tion to achieve a vitally impor­tant goal have the abil­ity to spon­ta­neously over­come obsta­cles insur­mount­able in their nor­mal condition-​e. g. to lift enor­mous weights, etc. These phe­nom­ena are com­monly explained by an extreme mobi­liza­tion of mus­cu­lar strength, but pre­cise cal­cu­la­tions do not agree with such hypothe­ses. Appar­ently, ath­letes (high jumpers, weightlifters, run­ners) have par­tic­u­larly devel­oped bio-​antigravitational mechanisms.

Their ath­letic per­for­mance is mostly (if not wholly) deter­mined not so much by the rigor of their train­ing as by their psy­cho­log­i­cal pre­pared­ness. If an accu­rate sci­en­tific task of study­ing the anom­alies of the human weight in var­i­ous psycho-​physiological states were ever set up and tech­ni­cal means of dynamic weight mon­i­tor­ing cre­ated, we would then have objec­tive data on this unusual phe­nom­e­non. There is also evi­dence of other phe­nom­ena of short-​term mass increase in bio­log­i­cal objects, includ­ing humans, that are not related to mass transfer.

V. S. Grebennikov’s book has high lit­er­ary merit and includes the author’s own illus­tra­tions. It is a kind of a “dacty­lo­gram” for his sys­tem of spir­i­tual val­ues, his envi­ron­men­tal out­look, and his ento­mo­log­i­cal auto­bi­og­ra­phy. Many read­ers are likely to per­ceive the book as noth­ing more than a pop­u­lar­ized sum­mary of the entomologist’s 60-​year expe­ri­ence of sci­en­tific obser­va­tions, pep­pered with some ele­ments of sci­ence fic­tion. But such a con­clu­sion would be deeply erro­neous. As Vik­tor Stepanovich’s friend and as some­one with an inti­mate knowl­edge of his work (our homes are only 10km apart), I can vouch I have never met a more care­ful, con­sci­en­tious, hon­est, and tal­ented exper­i­men­tal scientist.

Greben­nikov is also widely known in the so-​called sci­en­tific under­ground (i. e. the branch of advanced Russ­ian sci­ence con­stantly per­se­cuted by the offi­cial sci­en­tific estab­lish­ment). Thus, a com­mit­tee for com­bat­ing pseu­do­science, cre­ated in Novosi­birsk divi­sion of the Russ­ian Acad­emy, has vic­tim­ized many tal­ented mem­bers of our local sci­en­tific com­mu­nity. The sit­u­a­tion is much the same at the Russ­ian Agri­cul­tural Acad­emy. It is very easy to lose one’s job at a lab (even as its head, regard­less of one’s degree and title). One only needs to pub­lish an arti­cle on, for exam­ple, the evo­lu­tion­ary sig­nif­i­cance of anti­grav­i­ta­tional mech­a­nisms in insects.

But I am con­vinced that dis­cov­er­ies of such pro­por­tions must not be buried in man­u­scripts just because prag­ma­tism still rules sci­ence. Let this book be noth­ing but “sci­ence fic­tion” for those at the top. Each per­son has his own beliefs. But he who has eyes shall see. Cat­a­strophism in both the evo­lu­tion of liv­ing nature and in the nature of human knowl­edge is actu­ally a dras­tic destruc­tion of old belief systems-​a destruc­tion that runs ahead of the­o­ret­i­cal prog­nos­ti­ca­tions. A fanat­i­cal faith and idol-​worship links our con­tem­po­rary aca­d­e­mic sci­ence with pagan reli­gion. But a har­mo­nious devel­op­ment (in the sense of Pavel Florensky’s pneu­matos­phere) would not be pos­si­ble with­out break­ing old stereo­types in the process of mas­ter­ing the wis­dom and expe­ri­ence of older generations.

The Youtube video is more than 3 years old.

This brother has the right idea!

BIG BOOM THA KRAKKEN I am in awe. It’s like my life has led me to this point. I have pieces of all of things brought up in this video that I have learned about in life. Mag­nets, insects, shapes, pyra­mids and sound. I would love if you shared the source of the con­tent, espe­cially the guy who men­tioned mak­ing a cover all that would allow flight. I want to work on all of this and have my chil­dren work on it. Per­haps this would be a great SOCIAL project where we work on it together and also let kids play with it to unlock it’s unthought of poten­tial. I’m spell­bound now and we have the tech­nol­ogy to clone or mass pro­duce the bee­tle or the mate­r­ial. Were I filthy rich, THIS is a project that I would delve into. if more peo­ple knew. We would finally be less hin­dered by this bur­den of grav­ity, which is a huge rea­son we all age. EVERY­THING is tied together. I also must add that I now see that MUSIC is another tool. peo­ple who like sim­i­lar music may be sim­i­lar in fre­quency. And this is also why it can con­trol emo­tion. Research the bible and see that the trum­pet made the walls of Jeri­cho fall or how music allowed Orpheus to walk out of Hell . There is much truth in mythol­ogy. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS UNITE AND PUT ALL OF THE PIECES TOGETHER. WE HAVE ALL WE NEED.…except unity.


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