The Cur­rent Year is 6265

It’s not the job of this site to get big num­bers in order to get the infor­ma­tion out to the public.

That’s your job!

I had a long con­ver­sa­tion on youtube about the fact that we know very lit­tle about grav­ity con­trary to pop­u­lar belief. And that obser­va­tion and exper­i­men­ta­tion trumps math­e­mat­ics in science.

Here we not only get more proof that sci­ence has gone astray by think­ing that math­e­mat­ics is the holy Grail of sci­ence, but also we get a time-​line of how things went so ter­ri­bly wrong

So what do you think they (the math­emag­i­can) will do now. Will they con­frount­the prob­lem with more equaion or will they ven­ture into the real world of obser­va­tion and exper­i­men­ta­tion and then model

the find­ing with math­e­mat­ics. Well, that could pos­si­ble hap­pen if you believe that it was all just one big mis­take in the first place. How­ever, I think it will con­tinue as it has for ninty-​eight years along with the rest of the lies that we live with on a reg­u­lar basics.

Things like Amer­ica is the rich­est nation in the world even if the United States did go bank­rupt two times. Once in 1933 than again in 1970 which was not a decleared bank­ruptcy but, in fact clos­ing the gold win­dow has the same affec, because cred­i­tors can’t get paied in real cur­rency. Which brings up the next lie.

The one that saids you have any wealth. How can you have wealth if there is no real money in use? Well that not true, you can have the suit on your back and any­thing in your possession.

Maybe it will make peo­ple think that their lives mean some­thing and with that they will come the under­stand that the state has become a vam­pire that sucks energy in the form of debt. I could go on how­ever, I would be preach­ing to the choir the other 10 or 20 peo­ple who will read this.

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