Intru­sive Tech­nol­ogy Pt.4 , Tele­vi­sion, mass media con­trol via T.V.

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Mass Mind Con­trol Through Net­work Tele­vi­sion: Are Your Thoughts Your Own? by Alex Ansari, Infor​ma​tion​Lib​er​a​tion​.com ,

Why do count­less Amer­i­can people
go along with the War on Iraq? Why do so many peo­ple call for a police state con­trol grid? A major com­po­nent to a full under­stand­ing of why this kind of gov­ern­men­tal and cor­po­rate cor­rup­tion is to dis­cover the mod­ern sci­ence of mind con­trol and social engi­neer­ing. It’s baf­fling to merely glance at the stacks of doc­u­men­ta­tion that this world gov­ern­ment isn’t being con­structed for the greater good of human­ity. Although there are a grow­ing num­ber of peo­ple wak­ing up the real­ity of our grow­ing trans­par­ent soft cage, there seems to be just enough cit­i­zens who are choos­ing to remain asleep. Worse yet, there are even those who were at least par­tially awake at one time but found it nec­es­sary to return to the slum­ber of dreamland.
TV.Will tell you what you think

This is no acci­dent; this is a care­fully crafted design. The drive to dumb down the pop­u­la­tions of planet earth is a clas­sic art that existed before the United States did. One com­po­nent to under­stand­ing and deci­pher­ing the sys­tems of con­trol is to become a stu­dent of the magi­cians of influ­ence and pro­pa­ganda. In order to defeat our ene­mies (or dic­ta­tors), its imper­a­tive that we under­stand how they think and what they believe in.

When peo­ple think about mind con­trol, they usu­ally think in terms of the clas­sic “con­spir­acy the­ory” that refers to Project MK-​Ultra. This pro­gram is a proven exam­ple of ‘overt mind con­trol.’ The project had grown out of an ear­lier secret pro­gram, known as Blue­bird that was offi­cially formed to counter Soviet advances in brain­wash­ing. In real­ity the CIA had other objec­tives. An ear­lier aim was to study meth­ods ‘through which con­trol of an indi­vid­ual may be attained’. The empha­sis of exper­i­men­ta­tion was ‘narco-​hypnosis’, the blend­ing of mind alter­ing drugs with care­fully hyp­notic pro­gram­ming.

A crack CIA team was formed that could travel, at a moments notice, to any­where in the world. Their task was to test the new inter­ro­ga­tion tech­niques, and ensure that vic­tims would not remem­ber being inter­ro­gated and pro­grammed. All man­ner of nar­cotics, from mar­i­juana to LSD, heroin and sodium pen­tathol (the so called ‘truth drug’) were reg­u­larly used.

Despite poor ini­tial results, CIA-​sponsored mind con­trol pro­gram flour­ished. On 13 April 1953, the super-​secret project MK-​ULTRA was born. Its scope was broader than ever before, and only those in the top ech­e­lon of the CIA were privy to it. Offi­cial CIA doc­u­ments describe MK-​ULTRA as an ‘umbrella project’ with 149 ‘sub-​projects’. Many of these sub-​projects dealt with test­ing ille­gal drugs for poten­tial field use. Oth­ers dealt with elec­tron­ics. One explored the pos­si­bil­ity of acti­vat­ing ‘the human organ­ism by remote con­trol’. Through­out, it remained a major goal to brain­wash indi­vid­u­als to become couri­ers and spies with­out their knowl­edge.

When it was formed in 1947, the CIA was for­bid­den to have any domes­tic police or inter­nal secu­rity pow­ers. In short, it was autho­rized only to oper­ate ‘over­seas’. From the very start MK-​ULTRA staff broke this Con­gres­sional stip­u­la­tion and began test­ing on unwit­ting Amer­i­can cit­i­zens.

Pre­cisely how exten­sive ille­gal test­ing became will never be known. Richard Helms, CIA Direc­tor and chief archi­tect of the pro­gram, ordered the destruc­tion of all MK-​ULTRA records shortly before leav­ing office in 1973. Despite these pre­cau­tions some doc­u­ments were mis­filed and came to light in the late 1970’s. They laid bare the spy agency’s cyn­i­cism. Despite the wide­spread knowl­edge of MK Ultra and the civil law­suits that fol­lowed, this form of behav­ior mod­i­fi­ca­tion is not the most expan­sive. The real dan­gers are the types of thought con­trol that are ‘covert’ and not the sub­ject of sev­eral dozen Hol­ly­wood movies like “Clock­work Orange” and Mel Gibson’s “Con­spir­acy The­ory.”

Our found­ing fathers faced enor­mous chal­lenges in the for­ma­tion of this coun­try and its bill of rights. One chal­lenge was lay­ing down the ground­work or a free soci­ety with­out know­ing what kind of tech­no­log­i­cal advances would be made. Who would have guessed in those times that we needed an arti­cle in the bill of rights that specif­i­cally pro­hibits the gov­ern­ment and it’s asso­ciates from engaged in mind con­trol or thought con­trol. The clos­est item that promises our pro­tec­tion from the gov­ern­ment is the 4th Arti­cle in The Bill of Rights which states, “The right of the peo­ple to be secure in their per­sons, houses, papers, and effects, against unrea­son­able searches and seizures, shall not be vio­lated, and no war­rants shall issue, but upon prob­a­ble cause, sup­ported by oath or affir­ma­tion, and par­tic­u­larly describ­ing the place to be searched, and the per­sons or things to be seized.” Like many are now begin­ning to note, the US Con­sti­tu­tion and its Bill of Rights are merely given lip ser­vice by our sup­pos­edly elected offi­cials.

One of the most com­mon exam­ples of mind con­trol in our so-​called free and civ­i­lized soci­ety is the advent and usage of the tele­vi­sion set. This isn’t to say that all things on TV are geared towards brain­wash­ing you. They’re not. But most of the pro­gram­ming on tele­vi­sion today is run by the largest media cor­po­ra­tions that have inter­ests in defense con­tracts, such as West­ing­house (CBS), and Gen­eral Elec­tric (NBC). This makes per­fect sense when you see how slanted and warped the news is today. Exam­in­ing the con­flicts of inter­est is merely glanc­ing at the issue, although to under­stand the mul­ti­ple ways that lies become truth, we need to exam­ine the tech­niques of brain­wash­ing that the net­works are employ­ing.

Radio isn’t any dif­fer­ent in its abil­ity to brain­wash a pop­u­la­tion into sub­mis­sion. Sixty-​seven years ago, six mil­lion Amer­i­cans became unwit­ting sub­jects in an exper­i­ment in psy­cho­log­i­cal war­fare. It was the night before Hal­loween, 1938. At 8 p.m. CST, the Mer­cury Radio on the Air began broad­cast­ing Orson Welles’ radio adap­ta­tion of H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds. As is now well known, the story was pre­sented as if it were break­ing news, with bul­letins so real­is­tic that an esti­mated one mil­lion peo­ple believed the world was actu­ally under attack by Mar­tians. Of that num­ber, thou­sands suc­cumbed to out­right panic, not wait­ing to hear Welles’ expla­na­tion at the end of the pro­gram that it had all been a Hal­loween prank, but flee­ing into the night to escape the alien invaders.

Accord­ing to researcher Mack White ( http://​www​.mack​white​.com/),

Psy­chol­o­gist Hadley Cantril con­ducted a study of the effects of the broad­cast and pub­lished his find­ings in a book, The Inva­sion from Mars: A Study in the Psy­chol­ogy of Panic. This study explored the power of broad­cast media, par­tic­u­larly as it relates to the sug­gestibil­ity of human beings under the influ­ence of fear. Cantril was affil­i­ated with Prince­ton University’s Radio Research Project, which was funded in 1937 by the Rock­e­feller Foun­da­tion. Also affil­i­ated with the Project was Coun­cil on For­eign Rela­tions (CFR) mem­ber and Colum­bia Broad­cast­ing Sys­tem (CBS) exec­u­tive Frank Stan­ton, whose net­work had broad­cast the pro­gram. Stan­ton would later go on to head the news divi­sion of CBS, and in time would become pres­i­dent of the net­work, as well as chair­man of the board of the RAND Cor­po­ra­tion, the influ­en­tial think tank which has done ground­break­ing research on, among other things, mass brain­wash­ing. Two years later, with Rock­e­feller Foun­da­tion money, Cantril estab­lished the Office of Pub­lic Opin­ion Research (OPOR), also at Prince­ton. Among the stud­ies con­ducted by the OPOR was an analy­sis of the effec­tive­ness of “psycho-​political oper­a­tions” (pro­pa­ganda, in plain Eng­lish) of the Office of Strate­gic Ser­vices (OSS), the fore­run­ner of the Cen­tral Intel­li­gence Agency (CIA). Then, dur­ing World War II, Cantril and Rock­e­feller money assisted CFR mem­ber and CBS reporter Edward R. Mur­row in set­ting up the Prince­ton Lis­ten­ing Cen­ter, the pur­pose of which was to study Nazi radio pro­pa­ganda with the object of apply­ing Nazi tech­niques to OSS pro­pa­ganda. Out of this project came a new gov­ern­ment agency, the For­eign Broad­cast Intel­li­gence Ser­vice (FBIS). The FBIS even­tu­ally became the United States Infor­ma­tion Agency (USIA), which is the pro­pa­ganda arm of the National Secu­rity Coun­cil. Thus, by the end of the 1940s, the basic research had been done and the pro­pa­ganda appa­ra­tus of the national secu­rity state had been set up – just in time for the Dawn of Television.”

Exper­i­ments con­ducted by researcher Her­bert Krug­man reveal that when a per­son watches tele­vi­sion, brain activ­ity switches from the left to the right hemi­sphere. The left hemi­sphere is the seat of log­i­cal thought. Here, infor­ma­tion is bro­ken down into its com­po­nent parts and crit­i­cally ana­lyzed. The right brain, how­ever, treats incom­ing data uncrit­i­cally, pro­cess­ing infor­ma­tion in wholes, lead­ing to emo­tional, rather than log­i­cal responses. The shift from left to right brain activ­ity also causes the release of endor­phins, the body’s own nat­ural opi­ates – thus, it is pos­si­ble to become phys­i­cally addicted to watch­ing tele­vi­sion, a hypoth­e­sis borne out by numer­ous stud­ies which have shown that very few peo­ple are able to kick the tele­vi­sion habit. It’s no longer an over­state­ment to note that the youth today that are raised and taught through net­work tele­vi­sion are intel­lec­tu­ally dead by their early teens.

The dumb­ing down of human­ity is rep­re­sented by another shift which occurs in the brain when we watch tele­vi­sion. Activ­ity in the higher brain regions (such as the neo-​cortex) is dimin­ished, while activ­ity in the lower brain regions (such as the lim­bic sys­tem) increases. The lat­ter, com­monly referred to as the rep­tile brain, is asso­ci­ated with more prim­i­tive men­tal func­tions, such as the “fight or flight” response. The rep­tile brain is unable to dis­tin­guish between real­ity and the sim­u­lated real­ity of tele­vi­sion. To the rep­tile brain, if it looks real, it is real. Thus, though we know on a con­scious level it is “only a film,” on a sub­con­scious level we do not – the heart beats faster, for instance, while we watch a sus­pense­ful scene. Sim­i­larly, we know the com­mer­cial is try­ing to manip­u­late us, but on an uncon­scious level the com­mer­cial nonethe­less suc­ceeds in, say, mak­ing us feel inad­e­quate until we buy what­ever thing is being adver­tised – and the effect is all the more pow­er­ful because it is uncon­scious, oper­at­ing on the deep­est level of human response. The rep­tile brain makes it pos­si­ble for us to sur­vive as bio­log­i­cal beings, but it also leaves us vul­ner­a­ble to the manip­u­la­tions of tele­vi­sion pro­gram­mers. This is where the manip­u­la­tors use our own emo­tions as strings to con­trol us. The dis­tor­tions and direc­tions we are being moved to are tak­ing place in the sub­con­scious, often unde­tected.

Pro­pa­ganda tech­niques were first cod­i­fied and applied in a sci­en­tific man­ner by jour­nal­ist Wal­ter Lipp­man and psy­chol­o­gist Edward Bernays (nephew of Sig­mund Freud) early in the 20th cen­tury. Dur­ing World War I, Lipp­man and Bernays were hired by then United States Pres­i­dent, Woodrow Wil­son, to par­tic­i­pate in the Creel Com­mis­sion, the mis­sion of which was to sway pop­u­lar opin­ion in favor of enter­ing the war, on the side of Britain. Edward Bernays said in his 1928 book Propaganda,

The con­scious and intel­li­gent manip­u­la­tion of the orga­nized habits and opin­ions of the masses is an impor­tant ele­ment in demo­c­ra­tic soci­ety. Those who manip­u­late this unseen mech­a­nism of soci­ety con­sti­tute an invis­i­ble gov­ern­ment which is the true rul­ing power of our country.”

The Creel Com­mis­sion pro­vided themes for speeches by “four-​minute men” at pub­lic func­tions, and also encour­aged cen­sor­ship of the Amer­i­can press. The Com­mis­sion was so unpop­u­lar that after the war, Con­gress closed it down with­out pro­vid­ing fund­ing to orga­nize and archive its papers. The war pro­pa­ganda cam­paign of Lipp­man and Bernays pro­duced within six months such an intense anti-​German hys­te­ria as to per­ma­nently impress Amer­i­can busi­ness (and Adolf Hitler, among oth­ers) with the poten­tial of large-​scale pro­pa­ganda to con­trol pub­lic opin­ion. Bernays coined the terms “group mind” and “engi­neer­ing con­sent”, impor­tant con­cepts in prac­ti­cal pro­pa­ganda work. The cur­rent pub­lic rela­tions indus­try is a direct out­growth of Lippman’s and Bernays’ work and is still used exten­sively by the United States gov­ern­ment. For the first half of the 20th cen­tury Bernays and Lipp­man ran a very suc­cess­ful pub­lic rela­tions firm. World War II saw con­tin­ued use of pro­pa­ganda as a weapon of war, both by Hitler’s pro­pa­gan­dist Joseph Gob­bles and the British Polit­i­cal War­fare Exec­u­tive, as well as the United States Office of War Infor­ma­tion.

Turn on your local news­cast. You have a few min­utes of blue-​collar crime, hardly any white col­lar crime, a few min­utes of sports, misc. chit chat, ran­dom polit­i­cal jibber-​jabber, and a look at the weather that no one is fore­cast­ing cor­rectly. Is that what hap­pened in your town? And we’re sup­posed to own the air­waves! The main­stream media openly sup­ports the inter­ests of the prison indus­trial com­plex. The sto­ries focus on minor­ity crim­i­nal groups, and exploit the real threat to appear much more dan­ger­ous than they are. Think about the grow­ing per capita num­ber of pris­on­ers in the coun­try. Then remem­ber that this is hap­pen­ing at the same time that our prison boom began. The police on our streets have cre­ated crim­i­nals. The focus is to keep us in a state of fear, that way the elit­ists can attack any group they want to with­out fear of con­se­quence. This is why the media is con­tin­u­ing to craft the time­less art of dehu­man­iza­tion.

The tech­niques are increas­ing in their sophis­ti­ca­tion over time as the mind sci­en­tists that serve the empire con­tinue to dis­cover sci­en­tific break­throughs as to how the human brain func­tions, learns, retains infor­ma­tion, and behaves. The most effec­tive brain­wash­ing tech­niques are used on the most suc­cess­ful pro­pa­ganda net­works. Exam­ine the music bed that lies low dur­ing the fright night scope of the sec­ond. It’s spooky. I won­der if we are sup­posed to be think­ing with our minds or get­ting ready for stunt. Observe the graph­ics with the music. They’re glitzy and flash­ing. Like the mon­key that is attracted to shiny objects, it’s our mon­key hand that con­trols to remote often stops the search for enter­tain­ment when the proper amount of glamor catches their atten­tion. Most impor­tantly, notice the rep­e­ti­tion behind the lies that the politi­cians and their cor­po­rate media groupies tell us. You see, the unimag­in­able fal­lac­ies are cre­ated as ‘truth’ not because it’s log­i­cal or prov­able, but because of the bro­ken record tech­nique. No mat­ter how ridicu­lous the lie, it’s repeated often enough that the brain doesn’t know the dif­fer­ence between real­ity and nurs­ery rhymes. This tech­nique is under­es­ti­mated in its abil­ity to allow the pup­peteers to hyp­no­tize mil­lions of peo­ple. Instead of “Fair and bal­anced” it’s “We say it enough times, and you believe it.”

It’s a tragic day when the state can monop­o­lize on the enslav­ing and impris­on­ment of a pop­u­la­tion. Hol­ly­wood will con­tinue to frighten us with films on the mafia, gang­sters, and the cor­rupt blue col­lar crim­i­nal whose stu­pid­ity and greed get them caught. In the end, our minds are already pre­con­di­tioned to accept liv­ing in a police state econ­omy and soci­ety because we read it in the paper, saw it praised on the news and talk shows, or saw it in a movie. There are sev­eral movies planned right now that sup­port the offi­cial story of 911 and a few movies that glam­or­ize the War on IRAQ. Accord­ing to David L Robb, Author of Oper­a­tion Hollywood,

Hol­ly­wood and the Pen­ta­gon have a long his­tory of mak­ing movies together. It’s a tra­di­tion that stretches back to the early days of silent films, and extends right up until the present day. It’s been a col­lab­o­ra­tion that works well for both sides. Hol­ly­wood pro­duc­ers get what they want — access to bil­lions of dol­lars worth of mil­i­tary hard­ware and equip­ment — tanks, jet fight­ers, nuclear sub­marines and air­craft car­ri­ers — and the mil­i­tary gets what it wants — films that por­tray the mil­i­tary in a pos­i­tive light; films that help the ser­vices in their recruit­ing efforts. The Pen­ta­gon is not merely a pas­sive sup­porter of films, how­ever. If the Pen­ta­gon doesn’t like a script, it will usu­ally sug­gest script changes that will allow the film to receive the military’s sup­port and approval. Some­times these pro­posed changes are minor. But some­times the changes are dra­matic. Some­times they change dia­logue. Some­times they change char­ac­ters. Some­times they even change history.”

They cre­ate some­thing coined ‘dis­in­fo­tain­ment’. They mix dis­in­for­ma­tion with enter­tain­ment and call it dis­in­fo­tain­ment.

Unadul­ter­ated vio­lence is now accepted on reg­u­lar TV. Killing in the name of the mother gov­ern­ment is praised, that is unless the vio­lence is com­mit­ted in self defense to pro­tect some­one from the sys­tem. Sharp shoot­ers, bombers, and assas­sin are wor­shiped if they are fight­ing for the sys­tem, are in the mil­i­tary, or are asso­ci­ated with groups that con­trol the masses locally, such as the local police depart­ment. I don’t con­done vio­lence, how­ever it’s hyp­o­crit­i­cal to sup­port one form of homi­cide when it favors the elite, and con­demn another when it’s done to pro­tect your land, free­dom, or loved ones. This odd real­ity trans­fers itself into the shady world of video games that are stepped in plots and tasks to kill as much as the player can. The play­ers are get­ting younger and younger with 7 out of 10 chil­dren play­ing games with a ‘Mature’ rat­ing. Recently I was brows­ing the PC video game selec­tion at a very large elec­tron­ics store. I was appalled to see nearly 50 dif­fer­ent games in which the set­ting of the game is Iraq and the goal is to kill as many insur­gents as pos­si­ble and ful­fill the mis­sion. Chil­dren today are being indoc­tri­nated through their favorite games and law enforce­ment pro­grams to be the but­ton push­ers of the weapons of mass destruc­tion for tomorrow’s world.

Is it any won­der why there are two house bills and a sen­ate bill (with more on the way), which are giant steps in dis­man­tling the free speech of the gen­eral pub­lic. These bills together would kill (PEG) cable access cen­ters where the pub­lic still owns the air­waves. It’s the pro­gram­ming cre­ated locally, with­out cen­sor­ship or com­mer­cial gain. Their income is derived from fran­chises within the local cities and a small per­cent­age cable sub­scriber frees. This is a cor­po­rate takeover because this is cen­tral­iz­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion by remov­ing the locally based pro­gram­ming and mov­ing the audi­ence to the more offi­cial, nation­al­is­tic, and sen­sa­tional pro­grams that pro­motes vio­lence, uni­for­mity, and slav­ery over peach, diver­sity and free­dom. Cable access fea­tures free speech and infor­ma­tion with per­spec­tives neglected by main­stream tele­vi­sion. It also fea­tures a free flow pro­gram­ming sys­tem with fresh pro­grams being aired by new pro­duc­ers on a rotat­ing basis. This keeps the con­tent and infor­ma­tion cre­ative and locally based while net­work TV is rigid with reg­u­lar time slots and repet­i­tive pro­gram­ming.

The blocks of pro­gram­ming that are uni­ver­sally accepted par­al­lel the shift to craft our entire lives towards the factory’s bell and the illu­sion of time. This is the cre­ation of the hive mind. The hive mind is result of mas­sive brain­wash­ing to the gen­eral pub­lic. Every­one shares the same thoughts, goals, knowl­edge and under­stand­ing. A hive mind soci­ety gears itself towards con­for­mity and ignores diver­sity while mas­quer­aded as the road to utopia in main­stream tele­vi­sion. Net­work pro­gram­ming, weather it’s the news or drama, is geared towards arti­fi­cially cre­at­ing your world and real­ity. With the proper amount of enter­tain­ment and sen­sa­tion­al­ism, we may even be liv­ing our lives through the tele­vi­sion set. Many anchors and actors are beau­ti­ful and research shows that attrac­tive peo­ple are usu­ally per­ceived as trust wor­thy. While the real news rolls quickly by on the bot­tom of your screen, the anchor is sell­ing you on the idea of hav­ing your very own police state hell hole right here in your local juris­dic­tion, or how 2 sports oppos­ing teams chased around on a court for 2 hours in attempt to score points means some­thing to you. No edu­ca­tion, no infor­ma­tion, SPIN. Today the media rep­re­sents a tool of brain­wash­ing and indoc­tri­na­tion that is uti­lized on behalf of the own­ers inter­ests.

Since the 1996 Telco act, tele­vi­sion and radio sta­tions all across the nation were bought out by major inter­na­tional media out­lets. Clear Chan­nel and Infin­ity are the two largest cor­po­ra­tions in radio today. This has cen­tral­ized the dis­tri­b­u­tion of infor­ma­tion and has threat­ened our free soci­ety ever since. The media drums to the heart­beat of its own­ers, whose inter­ests are not of the gen­eral pub­lic. Instead they are inter­ested in their other finan­cial endeav­ors like defense con­tract­ing, oil busi­ness, polit­i­cal par­ties, prison indus­try. The con­flicts of inter­est are mon­u­men­tal with the dereg­u­la­tion of the cor­po­ra­tions. The lines are now blurred between one network’s cov­er­age of the war and the other.

Once we come to the con­clu­sion that the media is inten­tion­ally deceiv­ing us, we can apply the prin­ci­ples of problem-​reaction-​solution. This for­mula takes a prob­lem by either cre­at­ing it or allow­ing it to hap­pen and pre­sent­ing that to the pop­u­la­tion. It could be ter­ror­ism, molesta­tion, extra ter­res­tri­als. These top­ics cre­ate fear and no one in their right mind would sup­port ter­ror­ism or crime. It’s there­fore OK to blast the tele­vi­sion, the papers, and radio with ‘the prob­lem.’ The nat­ural reac­tion from the peo­ple is a request for more con­trol to ensure more safety. Most let their fear and emo­tional side con­trol their deci­sions and usu­ally trans­lated into some­thing like, “The gov­ern­ment needs more power over our lives to make us safer and freer from tyranny. I believe what the media tells me so I will sup­port what­ever deci­sions they make.” Today’s main­stream cor­po­rate news pro­gram dis­cour­ages dis­sent of the war and paints activists with a neg­a­tive brush that hints of trea­son. At the same time, the so-​called jour­nal­ists are cogs in a much larger machine who know that if they report a story that paints the gov­ern­ment in a dark light, is likely to remain on ‘the wire’ and off the front page.

The most dis­turb­ing thing about spend­ing a sin­gle hour exam­in­ing net­work cable news and mod­ern Hol­ly­wood films are the reoc­cur­ring themes in the back­drop. The cen­tral ideas of count­less “inves­tiga­tive reports” or “Fri­day night spe­cial” fea­tures are about a threat of some type over the hori­zon. The end of the world as we know it is being sold. If the news isn’t feed­ing it to you, then the His­tory Chan­nel or Dis­cover Chan­nel are either talk­ing about the cru­sades, aster­oids, UFOs, earth­quakes, ter­ror­ism, or exposes about ser­ial killers. They are crafted a mes­sage that our world is unsta­ble, and the threat is always an invis­i­ble and dan­ger­ous one that only our mil­i­tary can fix. When you record and log all the mes­sages, you end up with a script, a screen write pro­duced through the movie stu­dios of Hol­ly­wood hell.

I am not alone in not­ing this obser­va­tion. Local and net­work news are design­ing their edi­to­ri­als about despair and fear because the own­ers, pro­duc­ers, and edi­tors now under­stand that fear sells. The end result are the desired rat­ings, deliv­ered like expected. The mas­ters of mod­ern spin under­stand that we like to be ter­ri­fied. Just look at the suc­cess in the action/​suspense/​terror gen­res that have plopped onto the con­veyor belt and pack­aged for our glee con­sump­tion. When the edi­tors in charge found out that sim­ply plas­ter­ing a ter­ror alert chart didn’t scare the peo­ple the same way it used to, they began to kick up the cam­paign of ter­ror a few notches with new and cre­ative ways to sell the police state.

When you get to the other side of the ter­ror alerts of all shapes and sizes, you find another night­mare mas­querad­ing as the sav­ior. The ‘Min­istry of Truth’ will pro­tect you. The mother gov­ern­ment is here to res­cue you and squash this brown ter­ror­ist bug, this gray alien, this avian bird flu, and every other night­mare that the nightly news brought you. The finest pub­lic rela­tions spe­cial­ists take the sci­ence of wor­ship­ing our kings down to a frame by frame level. George W. Bush is pic­tured in numer­ous poises with a hallo around his head. In other pic­tures, he stands tall with dozens of Amer­i­can flags blow­ing in the wind behind him. A more blas­phe­mous dis­play fea­tures him speak­ing in front of the cross of Jesus Christ. The mes­sage send couldn’t be more clearly pre­sented. Our cur­rent lead­ers are of the mes­siah sta­tus and only through them, will we reach the gates of safety. The lie that has been accepted by so many as truth is that this is a reli­gious war. Numer­ous prime time pro­grams are telling the story of the cru­sades (with­out the hor­rors) to synch our vibra­tions up to some­thing out of the 13th Cen­tury, instead of the 21st Cen­tury. If the Amer­ica peo­ple accept the fact that the cru­sades are here, that George Bush reports directly to god, and that rev­e­la­tions are here, then they have won the war for our minds.

The loud­speaker whis­pers, “All our prob­lems are by acci­dent, never design.” Across the room the system’s min­ion snorts, “If you have noth­ing to hide, you have noth­ing to fear.” It’s that plot that says Mid­dle East­ern ter­ror­ists from an Afghan cave are the rea­son beyond our lit­tle, “War on ter­ror.” Related mes­sages in the script demo­nize young minor­ity males and sug­gest harsh pun­ish­ments for crimes they com­mit. They don’t come out overtly and state their racist agenda. They come at you from the side by air­ing the same crime news repet­i­tively, usu­ally when it’s com­mit­ted by the minor­ity group. The net­works love the fact that the TV sets the norms in soci­ety and today, and hence polit­i­cally opin­ion. Who would imag­ine that in the United States of Amer­ica, both can­di­dates of both par­ties in the 2004 elec­tion would be mem­bers of the Skull and Bones soci­ety at Yale Uni­ver­sity? Out of 290 mil­lion Amer­i­cans, this is the best we could come up with?

It is the deci­sion of the own­ers to influ­ence pro­duc­ers, edi­tors, and oth­ers involved to paint to brush to fit the objec­tive, which is the bot­tom line. If Sports is what the peo­ple want, then they get it, usu­ally in large doses. Multi-​media sports (or spec­ta­tor sports) is just an escape from our own exis­tence. It’s like gam­bling, or drug addic­tion. It pro­vides that buffer zone of root­ing for some­thing with other peo­ple that we’ve been told is good. People’s fan­tasies also lead them to fix­at­ing on sports. It’s sim­u­lated mas­culin­ity, in an age where there’s a push to change us from men to robots. It’s human nature to resist and fight that which is sup­press­ing us. The soci­ol­o­gists and psy­chol­o­gists in areas of influ­ence know this. Spec­ta­tor sports prove the out­let inter­na­tion­ally for what has been stripped away from us. We’ve lost the right to rebel and change our gov­ern­ment through war­fare if nec­es­sary. Today the bulk of our nation’s pop­u­la­tion today doesn’t know what’s really going on with the fall of the Amer­i­can dol­lar and the plans for the trans­fer of Amer­i­can wealth to other coun­tries. How­ever, most can tell you who the top bas­ket­ball or foot­ball play­ers are. A lot of fans wish they were the stars, out there on the stage, the court, and the drag strip. Either you’re “numero uno” in cen­ter stage or you’re noth­ing. End of story.

What I never under­stood when I was in high school was why my peers and friends would act naïve or igno­rant in a “Wayne’s World” or “Beavis and Butthead” kind of way. What I’ve learned since then is that the numer­ous pro­grams that are pimp­ing them­selves of as ‘enter­tain­ment’ are actu­ally tar­geted to the low­est com­mon denom­i­na­tor. This is espe­cially true with disc jock­eys in radio today. The rea­son our air­waves are sat­u­rated with jokes and con­tent cen­tered on fart jokes, pri­vate parts, bor­der­line racism, and gen­eral trash talk is because it is sell­ing. In the mean­time, large num­bers of our chil­dren, young adults, and older audi­ences are mim­ic­k­ing what they see and hear because the cur­rent ‘norm’ is sell­ing this behav­ior as cool or ‘chic.’ When the con­di­tioned is so intense that these forms of con­tent are con­sid­ered the norm, any­thing else seems either bizarre or unin­ter­est­ing to the aver­age American’s atten­tion span that is decreas­ing by the day. Hypo­thet­i­cally, if a pro­ducer on a net­work did get away with a fea­ture story expos­ing gov­ern­ment cor­rup­tion at the high­est lev­els, chances are the large impact nec­es­sary wouldn’t be real­ized because the aver­age viewer’s brain has already been con­di­tioned to seek out cer­tain types of dis­in­fo­tain­ment.

The media has cre­ated the pic­ture per­fect soci­ety that could exist if we only did things their way, (their interests/​government inter­est). It tells us what hap­pi­ness is and what it is not and same for love, hate or any­thing else they can implant into our sub­con­scious­ness. We can become the per­fect slave to the sys­tem through indoc­tri­na­tion given through net­work TV. Over time the mes­sages are becom­ing increas­ingly racist, vio­lent, and dis­hon­est. But the pro­gram­ming began decades ago and few have the eyes to see it for what it has become. We live in a world where the pop­u­la­tions give their minds away to the offi­cial ver­sion of the event, where utopia is right around the cor­ner when big brother is rid­ing shot­gun. It’s a world where Hol­ly­wood can make you believe any­thing, even that you are free. It’s a world in which the pros­e­cu­tor and the judge sit on the same side of the bench. The most obvi­ous rea­son that our minds are being con­trolled on a mas­sive scale psy­cho­log­i­cally, is because our cul­ture has been con­di­tioned incre­men­tally through TV, radio, or the paper. We are given the world real­ity through a screen, some ink, or radio waves. The truth is hid­ing in plain site. The indoc­tri­na­tion through these medi­ums warns us that views other than those pre­sented by them are unim­por­tant and too be con­demned. This admin­is­tra­tion and media monop­oly has a care­fully crafted dehu­man­iza­tion pro­gram to any­one that dis­sents the offi­cial ver­sion of events.

Some peo­ple are wrong about 5% of the time. Some are wrong most of the time. I wish I was wrong all the time. A lot of peo­ple deal with these intense real­i­ties, by ask­ing me rhetor­i­cally, “What is the solu­tion, smart guy?” Remem­ber, it’s the view­ers, the con­sumers and all the other lit­tle votes called dol­lars that helped this oli­garchy sys­tem lay its con­crete foun­da­tion in our back­yards. We must rec­og­nize the truth about why the sys­tem is flawed and enslav­ing us if we wish to beat it. The most impor­tant solu­tion to fight­ing this type of brain­wash­ing and mind con­trol is to start with our­selves and our own awak­en­ing in the smaller things. In this case, it’s brain­wash­ing but after awhile we break Out­side the Box and begin ven­tur­ing out­side the sys­tem and into unknown ter­rain. Fight­ing with peo­ple and forc­ing them to under­stand ‘our truth’ is not a solu­tion. If our col­lec­tive free will cre­ated this night­mare, than only our col­lec­tive free will change it. The bat­tle begins in the heart and mind of the beholder, and then extends out­ward from there, only to those open to the infor­ma­tion.

If you choose to travel the road to the truth, then you must be pre­pared for the obsta­cles that await you. You may be con­demned or crit­i­cized by your fam­ily, your friends, your lovers, or your co-​workers. This is their pro­gram­ming that began at birth that is doing exactly what it’s sup­posed to do. You’re going to have to be stronger than that. You must real­ize that there is a real­ity that exists out­side of this con­trolled arti­fi­cial sys­tem. Like Indi­ana Jones in the Last Cru­sade, he took that ‘leap of faith’ over the bridge­less canyon in an attempt to get to the other side. Like Neo in the Matrix, he took the red pill from Mor­pheus in his attempt to cross over to his real self. Once you wake up, it’s as if a hyp­no­tist came along and snapped his fin­gers. You wake up and say to your­self, “Oh my god. I can see it now. Why did it take me so long to wake up?!” For some of you it can be a major shock. Like any­thing else, take this infor­ma­tion and knowl­edge in stages. If it took a life­time for them to mold your real­ity for you, then you know that it may take longer than a day to fully awaken. Remem­ber, the jour­ney of a thou­sand miles begins with a sin­gle step.{jcomments on}

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