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warmingI am one mil­lion per­cent (100.00,000 %) in agree­ment with you (a com­ment on this video) that we should not be using a fuel source from the 19th cen­tury. And I have no inter­est money or oth­er­wise in big oil. But my point is that again the words of the money changes have not been exam­ined! It was vice pres­i­dent Gore who first start­ing talk­ing about global warm­ing and it’s rela­tion­ship to a “TAX” remem­ber the car­bon tax? And did stud­ies that went back 500 years. I ask you how long has the planet been here? Also about the heat, did you ever think to ask what is the Sun doing at this time? No, the sun has noth­ing to do with it!

One point on cli­mate denial! I’m not say­ing that the cli­mate is not chang­ing and there­fore I’m not a cli­mate denier, how­ever I do have reser­va­tions about the cause.

Oil should not be used because it pol­lutes! A bet­ter ques­tion is what are they hid­ing? Come on peo­ple you can’t say on one hand that “they are hold­ing back tech” which they are! Solar is B.S. when it comes to the mag­netic tech already proven. We are just a soci­ety of idiots if we don’t demand the tech shown on this plat­form (YOUTUBE) “We’re in a lot of trou­ble” if we can’t think our way out of this paper bag.warming

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It seems that some don’t under­stand the rea­son­ing in the above statement.

1. The order in which we think his­tory has taken may very well be incor­rect and that cat­a­clysmic events may have hap­pen more than we think! It could be a lit­tle as 2500 years apart and not 10,000 years apart in which case there is no telling when the next one could occur.

2. To put it sim­ple instead of debate about global warm­ing we should be max­i­miz­ing the call for known tech­nolo­gies. Every­one has been put on the ques­tion of get­ting the gov­ern­ments to do some­thing. But they never say what the gov­ern­ment should do. We should be past that and at the point where we say “Release the tech­nolo­gies” that are being sur­press. That have already been on News Boardcast!

High Volt­age Direct Cur­rent Anti­grav­ity Lifter Test

There is a lot of this kind of tech under­ground. (DARPA and others)

This was known before 2015 (but was not the first) but because You tube has been pruged this is the best I can find now I made a copy, you never know how long it will be there. But what level do you think these exper­i­ments are at now (under gov­ern­ment pro­grams)?

Elec­tric Exper­i­ments Roobert33
Pub­lished on Apr 15, 2015
#Roobert33 Mate­ri­als. Strips of balsa 2 X 2 mm, glued with “Attack”.
Walls cov­ered with alu­minum foil from the kitchen. Impor­tant:
turn­ing up to 2 mm around the upper edge of the alu­minum
to the top list. In high bare cop­per wire of 0.3 mm diam­e­ter,
taut. Pro­vide abil­ity to adjust the dis­tance
between the wire and alu­minum, for exam­ple by wrap­ping instead
directly on the ver­ti­cal struts, around a small
piece of insu­la­tion.
Spon­sored: the cop­per wire to the pos­i­tive pole of a power sup­ply
25 KV; the side walls of alu­minum to the neg­a­tive pole and the
mass. The con­nec­tions to the power sup­ply and the mass range
made with cop­per wire, the more ‘thin as pos­si­ble. Mea­sures:
dry good mois­ture ver­ti­cal strips with a treat­ment
for 10 min­utes in the microwave. Then paint it with a lac­quer
trans­par­ent, so as to iso­late them from ambi­ent humid­ity.
The most effec­tive and prac­ti­cal feeder has proved to be
a color mon­i­tor TV, from which is extracted the volt­age
25 KV with a well insu­lated wire con­nected to the con­tact below
the suc­tion cup of the CRT
QUOTE:It is a very effec­tive appli­ca­tion of the corona effect.
The elec­tric field around the wire is very thin upper
high. The air mol­e­cules are ion­ized. The ions are
rejected by the wire and accel­er­ated along the flat sur­face
alu­minum. The shape and struc­ture can cer­tainly
be improved.

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Motion as Energy

Run your car on water.

As one should expect that web­site is no longer working.

The state­ment “free enegy never” is the adi­tude that has and will con­tinue to hold back civlization.
100 years later they found a way to charge us for free enegy. Oh, and the death beam, that’s is now called harp!

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