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Beings of FrequencyThe first doc­u­men­tary film to inves­ti­gate the actual mech­a­nisms by which mobile phone tech­nol­ogy can cause can­cer. Res­o­nance takes a deeper look at how human­ity is react­ing to the most pro­found envi­ron­men­tal change the planet has ever seen.

Two bil­lion years ago life first appeared on earth, a planet bathed in a nat­ural elec­tro­mag­netic fre­quency. As life slowly evolved from sim­ple to com­plex organ­isms, it did so sur­rounded by this fre­quency, form­ing a har­monic rela­tion­ship with it, a rela­tion­ship that sci­ence is just begin­ning to com­pre­hend. New research is show­ing that expo­sure to this fre­quency is vital to human beings. It con­trols our men­tal and phys­i­cal health, it syn­chro­nizes our cir­ca­dian rhythms, it aids our immune sys­tem, and it improves our over­all sense of well-​being. Not only are we sur­rounded by nat­ural fre­quen­cies, but our bod­ies are also suf­fused with them. Our cells com­mu­ni­cate using elec­tro­mag­netic fre­quen­cies. Our brain emits a con­stant stream of fre­quen­cies and our DNA deliv­ers instruc­tions using fre­quency waves. With­out them, we could not exist.

Schu­mann Res­o­nance — 7.83 Hz

One Hour and Thirty Min­utes of Res­o­nance.


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