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UAE Hopes to Lead Renew­able Energy Efforts

For decades, the Gulf has relied on carbon-​emitting fos­sil fuels to build its cities in the desert. But there are signs the trend is chang­ing as the region’s nations are look­ing to sus­tain­able devel­op­ment and clean energy as a key to ensur­ing future growth.

Host of the newly-​formed IRENA renew­able energy orga­ni­za­tion, the UAE sees itself as a leader in devel­op­ing alter­na­tive energy sources.

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Saha­ran solar power opens energy cor­ri­dor to Europe

The TuNur project aims to gen­er­ate clean energy from a giant solar plant in the Tunisian Sahara from where it will be con­nected to the Euro­pean elec­tric­ity grid via a ded­i­cated under­sea cable. TuNur say their ini­tia­tive will pro­duce roughly twice as much energy as any cur­rent nuclear power plant and can even pro­duce energy when the sun is down. Matthew Stock reports. Video pro­vided by Reuters

Researchers Tap Power in Motion as Energy Alternative

Researchers at Geor­gia Tech are devel­op­ing tech­nol­ogy that can har­vest the power of motion, an energy source they say could one day pro­duce enough clean, renew­able elec­tric­ity to power the planet. Ben Gru­ber reports.

The high-​profile Rif­f­gat off­shore wind farm

Ger­many is try­ing to make the switch to renew­able energy. The high-​profile Rif­f­gat off­shore wind farm, built off the coast of Borkum, was slated to begin oper­at­ing this month. Thirty wind­mills now stand ready and wait­ing in the North Sea — but they can’t sup­ply any elec­tric­ity. The dis­cov­ery of muni­tions dat­ing from the Sec­ond World War on the seafloor has pre­vented the grid oper­a­tor from installing a power cable con­nect­ing the wind farm to the mainland.

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Sci-​fi ‘hov­er­board’ becomes reality

Ever since Marty McFly rode on one in ‘Back to the Future Part II’, fans have dreamed of hav­ing their own ‘hov­er­board’. That wish has now been granted, as engi­neers in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia have made the futur­is­tic device a real­ity. Dura­tion: 02:12 Video pro­vided by AFP
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