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A num­bers of Doc­tors who were cen­sored when mak­ing state­ment on early treat­ment for covid 19 make their state­ment in this Sen­ate Hearing.

Below is part of a post from the Thun­der­bolts project. It was not writ­ten about Covide 19 but is applicable.

You can read it in full here!

The usual assump­tion is that “what sci­ence says” is said inde­fea­si­bly. But the term ‘sci­ence’ has two con­flict­ing senses: sci­ence as currently-​accepted the­ory (CAT) and sci­ence as method. To con­clude that method inevitably leads to CAT and, fur­ther­more, that CAT is the end of sci­ence is to wal­low in hubris. Both the his­tory of sci­ence and the nature of cog­ni­tion con­tra­dict such arro­gance. The uni­verse is large, and data both accu­mu­late and can be arranged and val­ued in dif­fer­ent ways. The dis­cern­ment of orderly pat­terns in these muta­ble fields of data can result not only in refine­ments of a the­ory but in the whole­sale replace­ment of a the­ory. In pur­su­ing the ques­tions raised by CAT, method is likely to over­turn CAT.

In the com­pe­ti­tion between a CAT and its poten­tial replace­ment, the two senses of sci­ence apply oppo­site stan­dards of eval­u­a­tion. From the view­point of sci­ence as CAT, the stan­dard is con­for­mity with the fun­da­men­tal prin­ci­ples of the dis­ci­pline. Any fundamentally-​different the­ory will be seen as a “crack­pot” idea: Half a cen­tury ago, fit­ting con­ti­nents together like a jig­saw puz­zle was ridicu­lous.

From the view­point of sci­ence as method, the stan­dard is sys­tem­atic exer­cise of cog­ni­tive skill: the dis­cern­ment of orderly pat­terns in domains of expe­ri­ence. The dis­tinc­tion between fun­da­men­tal and super­fi­cial dif­fer­ences is irrel­e­vant: That con­ti­nents can be fit together like a jig­saw puz­zle was a clue to a new the­ory and recog­ni­tion of a new phe­nom­e­non.

In the sense of method, par­tic­u­lar the­o­ries are just tools, some­thing with which to build a tech­nol­ogy, to be replaced when expe­ri­ence and curios­ity move on. All the­o­ries are “work­ing hypothe­ses”, not Ulti­mate Truths.


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