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DARPA implant could give peo­ple Terminator-​like vision

In the longer term, DARPA researchers (the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) believes the gene mod­i­fy­ing opti­cal tech­nol­ogy will be able to restore vision to the blind and impaired, and replaced cur­rent con­cep­tions of vir­tual real­ity, with an inter­nal dis­play that will pro­vide vital stats and more about the tar­get, err, object in view.

Accord­ing to CNET, the DARPA boffins are report­edly work­ing on a device known as a ‘cor­ti­cal modem’ that plugs directly into a person’s DNA and visual cor­tex. Not only does this unique device help some­one over­come blind­ness or poor eye­sight, it gen­er­ates a built-​in heads-​up dis­play (HUD) that appears right in before their very eyes.

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