Image of the Vaxx Arm bandI been telling peo­ple that there was no pan­demic from the onset of this now evi­dent Rico Case. I even went so far, because I had so many peo­ple ask­ing to give them some proof that there was no such thing. And see­ing that I didn’t have any proof other than the (so-​called elite’s) his­tory of not being above board with any­thing they do, I start­ing say­ing if there is a virus then its now half as bad as claimed. I have always won­der how many time they will be able to pull the world over our eyes to hide us from the truth. Well, now we have doc­u­mented fact, U.S, Patent cita­tions to back up the claims!

This file is stored on the web­site server, and we can’t afford band­width like the CIA’s face­book or NSA’s Youtube. So, try to be patience! (as no one has ever cared to donate) I would even sug­gest because it is such a long video to pause it for a minute or two after the screen show up for the file to advance to avoid buffer­ing. (No dona­tion) How­ever, after 22 years, we are still here!


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