Keith Reynolds

Linux absolutely breathes new life into old hard­ware. I’ve been using Linux exclu­sively for maybe 25 years now. Finally after maybe 20 years of try­ing, i con­vinced my now 75 year old father to install Linux on his 10 minute to boot win­dows lap­top, that now runs Ubuntu Mate with an improved boot time at around 50 sec­onds, and then with a new SSD fur­ther improved the boot time to less than 30 sec­onds. Basic desk­top use like brows­ing the net, check­ing email, spread­sheet and word pro­cess­ing are incred­i­bly intu­itive mak­ing the switch for him incred­i­bly easy, and he was very much hap­per with his improved pro­duc­tiv­ity. Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks. It cer­tainly helped that i got him to use fire­fox and libre­of­fice years ago so his tran­si­tion to Linux went very smooth.