Along with find­ing out all of the side effects of the vac­cine what we are now start­ing to find out is what the ingre­di­ents are. In this inter­view you will hear, that they cre­ated a syn­thetic envi­ron­ment in order for the vac­cine to thrive. By the use of var­i­ous lipid nanopar­ti­cles and graphene oxide a sub­stance poi­so­nous to humans.

For­mer Pfizer Employee Karen Kingston’s Interview

Now I won­der if when they were talk­ing about con­nect­ing, the sub­ject got cross. Because he mix two things together. Which are con­nect­ing to the inter­net, which is one thing, and con­nect­ing to the inter­net in rela­tion to mind con­trol. Which I think she was talk­ing about when she said “They can’t do that yet!”

This is some­thing I found some­time back, but I didn’t post it because I was not sure if it was a fake news sci-​op! After the infor­ma­tion just given I think it’s safe to post, not say­ing that I’m sure of anything.

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