Covid 19 : The Cure is the Disease!

Edi­tors Note: I’ve been telling peo­ple not to wear a mask from the onset of this scam­demic! Not because of the var­i­ous lipid nanopar­ti­cles and graphene oxide a sub­stance poi­so­nous to humans. I knew noth­ing about that, What I did know is that there is a OSHA reg­u­la­tion about masks in the work­place, that they depleted that oxgen con­tent that one would get. Now we find that there are graphene oxide par­ti­cles in the mask! Yep they really wanted you to get this dis­ease. Because even if you didn’t take the vac­cine, (the cause of the dis­ease) and you believed in the use of masks you would ‚in time, come down with the dis­ease and they could say ” See the num­bers are rising”.

To tell the truth this news is com­ing late for this site. If I had been on the ball this would have been pub­lished last month. But I admit, that the infor­ma­tion would have been pub­lished a month ago, where it not for the cal­lous dis­re­gard of the read­ers of this who have not donated a dime in 22 years or, a com­ment in about 5, truth is I stop look­ing for com­ments about 2 years ago. All I can say is “Great Tim­ing guy and gals”. Just when the infor­ma­tion really need to get out there my reader stay sleep to the fact that, I’ve been hold­ing this up (writer/​editor/​webdesigner, ect,) for all this time as I worked. I’m now retired and may soon have to dis­banned genet­icmem­ory to sell the domain. But back to the sub­ject at hand. For the full story with­out this note this is the link to Global Research

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The Brain is the Target


Stay tuned for my the­ory on why this has hap­pened, which I promise will be just as unbe­liev­able. Hope­fully com­ing soon!