The Cur­rent Year is 6266

It’s not the job of this site to get big num­bers in order to get the infor­ma­tion out to the public.

That’s your job!

The Most Impor­tant Items Com­bined Into One Video | No more “Watch the dozens of videos”, no more “Go watch the series playlist”… now there is ONE catch-​up video for the earth cat­a­stro­phe cycle… share it wisely.

First, com­bine Chan Thomas, Charles Hap­good, Major White, August Dun­ning, Robert Felix, Robert Shoch, Albert Ein­stein, Ran­dall Carl­son and Dou­glas Vogt. Then, com­bine mythol­ogy, reli­gion, 4 fields of astro­physics, 8 fields of geo­physics, arche­ol­ogy and pale­on­tol­ogy. Then add on the signs of the dis­as­ter unfold­ing now on earth, the other plan­ets, the sun, nearby stars… and real­ize that the cycle tim­ing is per­fectly due again now. It’s com­ing. Are you ready?

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