The Cur­rent Year is 6266

It’s not the job of this site to get big num­bers in order to get the infor­ma­tion out to the public.

That’s your job!

We always hear “They Did This” or that, but we never say or know who “THEY” are, those peo­ple are never named! As with most of the story this is not for those with a short atten­tion span. But, not only are you going to learn the names of the real com­pany behind what is hap­pen­ing, but also the names of the peo­ple who brain­stormed it! That’s all I’ll say, because I can only reflex the energy that is sent my way.

If you want the videos to play with­out stop­ping, wait till you see the images load onto the screen

Dr.David Mar­tin


What’s In Your Water?


Scared Yet

What's Next, Soylent Green Farms

Who Dat ?

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World Con­trol

Wise Words