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One of the very few youtube chan­nels that I mon­i­tor (for indige­nous con­tent) is 2nacheki! I truly watch it for the danc­ing that one can find on there from time to time. But, also they will cover impor­tant events and other news from Africa. A few day ago I saw some­thing that was very excit­ing, one might even say remark­able. What I saw, many would say has to be a scam! This is great news for me, because it’s just one more sign that one can not believe any­thing that (so called) sci­ence tell us. I mean if one can lie about how the uni­verse work, then one can and will lie about any­thing. In this episode (or epic pub­li­ca­tion) we can see a stone or rock actu­ally that can prod­uct a elec­tr­cal charge! I know unreal! But, as a mat­ter of fact I think I have some infor­ma­tion that may shed some light on the matter.

Damn inter­est­ing isn’t it? It looks like the Demo­c­ra­tic Repub­lic of the Congo is going to need a mil­i­tary Alliance with any­one other than the neo­cons that are in office in Amer­ica. But that’s another tan­gent we could eas­ily get into, but not the point of this article.

I men­tioned ear­lier that I might have a pos­si­ble expla­na­tion. That is this is not an answer because of my /​our lim­ited knowl­edge a real world sci­ence. When I say lim­ited knowl­edge, between the con­flicts in the video above and the con­flicts in the video below, hope­fully you will under­stand what I mean. Until I know bet­ter I’ll refer to the video as Ion Transfer.

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OK, in case ypu missed it, that was

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