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A Con­spir­a­to­r­ial Look At Hip-​Hop

EdLoverThe eas­i­est way to get into the YouTube is by sign­ing in. find that one can find more inter­est­ing video on YouTube by not sign­ing in. what hap­pens as YouTube uses an algo­rithm that is like a feed­back loop the more you watch some­thing the more of that you will get. It’s a lit­tle like the major media who keeps feed­ing you the same type of news over and over and never giv­ing you the big picture.

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Did Fury win the fight?

Tyson Fury and Deon­tay Wilder knock down, drag out fight that ended in a draw, or did it?

My reply:

Did Fury win the fight? I’m not going to say. All I will say is that in the sport of box­ing if there is no clear win­ner of a round the judges look for the fighter who con­trols the ring and aggression.

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