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wethepeopleSeth Mor­ris: I wrote a long com­ment on one of Evette’s recent videos relat­ing to this topic I’ll try to para­phrase it for this video though. I’m not a DOS (Decen­dents of slav­ery) but 1st Gen West Indian descent . We are gen­er­ally very proud and make the dis­tinc­tion between Yan­kees (DOS), us, and Africans. West Indi­ans cre­ated the Harlem num­bers, and started many pro-​black move­ments in the U.S. and in the Caribbean. But that doesn’t make us U.S. DOS or African Americans.

It’s impor­tant for DOS to make that same dis­tinc­tion to other “black” peo­ple world wide because as you said, U.S. DOS have a very unique set of cir­cum­stances. Tip toe­ing lan­guage like POC does noth­ing to help DOS, it just allows Lati­nos, Asians, and oth­ers to co-​opt any move­ment for DOS jus­tice. Dif­fer­ent eth­nic­ity of black peo­ple should col­lab­o­rate when it works out for both par­ties just like any col­lab­o­ra­tion, U.S. DOS has to be a racial cat­e­gory sep­a­rate from Caribbean, Afro Latino, or African. In NY, and NJ where I grew up, the black peo­ple I tended to be around were Jamaican, Trini, Pana­man­ian, Beliz­ian. Even some Gha­ni­ans and some DOS. I have no con­nec­tion to the South at all. But this chan­nel and her chan­nel have been extremely edu­ca­tional and I salute yall both, I’m on board with your line of think­ing 1,000%. Lastly, Peo­ple like Issa Raye are doing what any sell­out of any race or eth­nic­ity would do, and that’s keep their mouth closed as long as that direct deposit comes through on time.

Adinkra­hene @Seth Mor­ris Let’s check the his­tory here. 1st Gen­er­a­tion West Indian’s are Descen­dant of Slav­ery! You may not be Descen­dant of Amer­i­can Slav­ery, but you are Descen­dant of Slav­ery. I say this because the first place they (The Euro­peans) had slaves was in the West Indies, so I don’t see how you can make that state­ment. Also say­ing ” We are gen­er­ally very proud and make the dis­tinc­tion between Yan­kees (DOS), us, and Africans” and ” where I grew up, the black peo­ple I tended to be around were Jamaican, Trini, Pana­man­ian, Beliz­ian” is part of the prob­lem and not in any way part of the solu­tion. Also there large num­bers of West Indi­ans com­ing to Amer­ica in the 30 and 40 for you to say “West Indi­ans cre­ated the Harlem num­bers”. Some (not all) West Indi­ans have a way of think­ing like the Eng­lish, which can be seen in your atti­tude towards your broth­ers and sis­ters on Tur­tle Island (Amer­ica) on a side note, I love it when peo­ple use acronyms and the don’t defined them like POC. Not that I don’t know what you are talk­ing about “Peo­ple of Color” But it didn’t come to me for a minute. Which bring me to another prob­lem in Amer­ica. It seems like the Descen­dant of Africa (and when I say Descen­dants we can be talk­ing as far back as 40,000 years which is before the (so-​called) Our broth­ers (The Amer­i­can Indian.) But back to the prob­lem which is going along with hav­ing your iden­tity change every 60 or 70 years. Nig­ger, Negro, peo­ple of color, Black. I say that because we buy into any name that they put on us. I saw a com­ment say­ing “We are not peo­ple of color” so are you say­ing you are a per­son with­out color? That will only seem like a stu­pid ques­tion if you are not think­ing. Some might ask why I included Black when talk­ing about name change and iden­tity. Because it was fine even great to call your­self Black in Kem (Kemet/​Old Egypt If that is a fact) or any­where on the planet 3,000 years ago when there was no such con­cept as race (which came about in the 17 cen­tury) but the con­no­ta­tion of Black today is by no means the same. I’m not even going to get into the real prob­lem in the world today. The prob­lem that is cover-​up by the idea of racism which is class. Peo­ple like Issa Raye are doing what they need to con­tinue to work. Many peo­ple have taken that job despite the racism they knew was com­ing. And after all we are talk­ing about Hol­ly­wood! When has Hol­ly­wood ever been on your side? If you do get a small part in a Hol­ly­wood pro­duc­tion who is the first per­son to get kill off in the movie? A movie made (in part/​if not in full) to make you fell small, movies you should not let your chil­dren view. It’s time for all poor peo­ple to get their head out of their ass and see the real deal. Last thing, repa­ra­tion! There is no way that Amer­ica is going to pay back the descen­dant of slav­ery for their labor it not pos­si­bel, when one con­sid­ers that What cost $1 in 1900 would cost $30.46 in 2018.Also, if you were to buy exactly the same prod­ucts in 2018 and 1900, they would cost you $1 and $0.03 respectively

China is eat­ing America’s lunch and you think that Amer­ica is going to share their pie with you? Please join the real world!

The eyes (when you rearrange the let­ters) They see!

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