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The eas­i­est way to get into the YouTube is by sign­ing in. I find that one can find more inter­est­ing video on YouTube by not sign­ing in. what hap­pens as YouTube uses an algo­rithm that is like a feed­back loop the more you watch some­thing the more of that you will get. It’s a lit­tle like the major media who keeps feed­ing you the same type of news over and over and never giv­ing you the big picture.

But that’s another story and I want to talk about this video.and the rea­son I want to talk about this video in par­tic­u­lar is because of a reoc­cur­ring theme, the theme of being vol­un­tar­ily force-​fed. after lis­ten­ing to the video below for two times not sure whether or not we’re on the same note but

The dif­fer­ence as I see it is that he believes that this was an actual or at least some­what nat­ural pro­gres­sion well I believe it was a cor­po­rate takeover. along with the old say­ing on the top about a fool there’s another old say­ing about a rule and that rule is he who has the gold makes the rules​.so that the lack of respect was not so much on the hip hop artist but on the radio sta­tions that got paid sub­stan­tially to play those par­tic­u­lar hip hop artists. When there oth­ers putting out songs like this.

Kool Moe Dee : Knowl­edge Is King

I believe those type of songs would have stayed at curios­ity had they not been pushed by the com­mu­ni­ties radio sta­tions of the day. So when I say it was a cor­po­rate takeover you have to think of it like this there were two major gen­res at the time there was the light side and there was the dark side. There was hip Hop and there was a gang­ster rap.That’s what I’ve always believed but then there are some who believe some­thing else. They believe it’s all one big hot mess.

I remem­ber I stopped lis­ten­ing to hip-​hop because I believe like every­one else that it was all one big hot mess. As a mat­ter of fact it was so bad I stop lis­ten­ing to music all together and went to talk radio. Which turned out to be a pos­i­tive thing for me because this was also the time that the lec­ture were being held in the com­mu­nity about African His­tory. And would be the basics for my first web­site [lis​ten​.to/​a​f​r​i​c​a​n​l​e​c​t​u​r​e​r​s] which is where we are now and is another story.

But where I was going with this is, I also found a very old art form that was going on in the com­mu­nity that is the root of hip-​hop. Many don’t know the link and many oth­ers just never put it all together.

That being the root of hip-​hop is spo­ken word. So here is how I see it. Call it a con­spir­a­to­r­ial look at hip-​hop at the his­tory of the vil­lage his­to­rian, wan­der­ing min­strel or grio!

Which are all in fact hip hop artists. How­ever, it all falls back to what the brother was say­ing in the first video and that is it’s all about respon­si­bil­ity! And that old say­ing that goes with it “With great power comes great respon­si­bil­ity!

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Today is a Killer

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