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Tyson Fury and Deon­tay Wilder knock down, drag out fight that ended in a draw, or did it?

My reply:

Did Fury win the fight? I’m not going to say. All I will say is that in the sport of box­ing if there is no clear win­ner of a round the judges look for the fighter who con­trols the ring and aggression.

If both are aggres­sive than it is the one who lan­der the harder blows will get the round (if you are hit­ting the other mans gloves it is not good work and slap­ping shot don’t count for much ) Also if your glove touches the can­vas it should be counted as a knock down if there was con­tact with the other fighter.

The fight is on a 10 point must sys­tem, which means the win­ner must get 10 points for the round the loser gets 9 unless of a knock down which will cost him another point ie. 108 or 107 for a 2 knock downs round

With these fact in mind you say who won the fight

P.S. do not lis­ten to the com­men­ta­tors they have never been at the work­ing end of a glove.

It is my opin­ion that Fury beat the count because the ref pick up the count from the side at the count of 4 (if they didn’t cut some time from this production.)

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