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fossThis is a copy of a weekly newslet­ter I get, I though this one was a really good canidate to add to your store of knowledge.

Main­stream email ser­vice providers like Gmail vio­late your pri­vacy openly. They can read your emails to show you ads.

If you are a pri­vacy con­cerned per­son, you may opt for one of these secure and pri­vate email ser­vices.

We offer a free addi­tion email account to our users we are not sell­ing you any­thing so we don’t care what in your mail!

Since we are dis­cussing pri­vacy, you may also use Google alter­na­tive search engines. Duck Duck Go and Start­page are an increas­ingly pop­u­lar main­stream option these days.

Don’t want Google at all? Have a look at this list of non-​Google web browsers. If you still want to use Chrome but with­out the Google, try the open source Brave web browser. They are even reward­ing new users with their own cryptocurrency,

GIMP is per­haps the most pop­u­lar open source image edi­tor. But appar­ently, Gimp is an offen­sive word so some peo­ple have forked it into Glimpse project. They have other plans for it as well. Read more about it here.

I have writ­ten about using swap and its ideal size in the past. This week, I wrote a tuto­r­ial about cre­at­ing swap file in Linux. You can do this even after you have installed Linux and it doesn’t involve partitioning.

A basic ter­mi­nal tip this week is about check­ing IP address in the ter­mi­nal.

After a lot of think­ing, I opted for an Intel NUC mini PC so that I could use and review var­i­ous Linux dis­tri­b­u­tions on real hard­ware. You may see more non-​Ubuntu arti­cles in near future.

By the way, Linux turned 28 on 25th August. If you read the Linux facts, you would know that when Linus Tor­valds sent the mail to his class­mates he said that it was “just a hobby and won’t be big and pro­fes­sional”. I am glad that Tor­valds was wrong in his assumption :)

That’s it for this week. Keep using Linux :)

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