What does this mean? Not a lot right now, but it could become a prob­lem for those peo­ple who don’t want to be mass vac­ci­na­tion, and don’t know who they are, or how to express their wishes in a court of law (and I use that term lossly)! Why is this not a prob­lem right now? Because the New York State Bar Asso­ci­a­tion is not a leg­isla­tive body and have no abilty to pass laws. But what they can do is sug­gest to New York leg­is­la­tors that it should be passed. That setup a con­tro­versy (The court sys­tem runs on controversies).

So that if you don’t want the vac­ci­na­tion you will have to go to court to fight it. Now most peo­ple will think “I have no money to hire a lawyer. Or for those who have the funds to get a lawyer, well thay have gone down the wrong rab­bit hole, because the lawyer is an office of the court, and can only get you the best deal (remem­ber these are com­mer­i­cal courts) the court will allow him to get. This is just a short reminder, if you don’t know what I’m talk­ing about, it’s not my prob­lem. The infor­ma­tion has been here for years. And if you say this is my first time here, all I can say is seek and you shall find or knock and it will be opened to you.