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The Cur­rent Year is 6274

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The Cur­rent Year is 6274

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Con­trol­ling The World: An Instruc­tion Manual

The Dol­lar is only worth the con­fer­dence the peo­ple have in it. But, if the net goes down you will, at lease, still have the paper!

This being an old story I wanted to add some­thing cur­rent to it.

Just con­nect­ing some dots!

What’s inter­est­ing to me is none of the Bit-​Coin peo­ple think that the fed (the gov­ern­ment) will not use the power of the inter­net (or I should say the lack of the net) to drive the peo­ple out of Bit-​coin. Which would be ironic that the same power that got them in, will get them out!

Nuff said!{jcom­ments on}


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