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Update: I noticed that I didn’t add the text of the bible verses and that every­one might not have a bible on hand, and there­for you may have use an online bible source. If this is done it might cause for some confusion!

Here is the text from my source: Cyclo­pe­dic Indexed bible — Strong’s expended Concordance

23: For it is writ­ten that Abra­ham had two sons, one by the slave woman and
the other by the free woman. His son by the slave woman was born
accord­ing to the flesh, but his son by the free woman was born as the result of a divine promise.

24:Which things are an allegory.

(the text goes on to explain how the alle­gory works.)

The online ver­sion for verse 24 might look some­thing like this: From Bible gate­way

24 These things are being taken figuratively:

(in this ver­sion they are say­ing it just in the word­ing and how those words are interpreted.)

From Mer­riam Web­ster:Fig­u­ra­tive * of words, lan­guage, etc. : used with a mean­ing that is dif­fer­ent from the basic mean­ing and that expresses an idea in an inter­est­ing way by using lan­guage that usu­ally describes some­thing else : not lit­eral

: show­ing peo­ple and things in a way that resem­bles how they really look : not abstract

Note: Alle­gory are abstract!

Notice in addi­tion the words “are being taken fig­u­ra­tively” it makes it seem unclear as oppose to the def­i­nite state­ment “which things are an alle­gory

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