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HempLet’s face it juic­ing can get kind of expen­sive these days if you are not care­ful with your ingre­di­ent selec­tion. The secret to juic­ing on a bud­get is to use inex­pen­sive ingre­di­ents that yield a lot of juice. Luck­ily car­rots are typ­i­cally pretty inex­pen­sive espe­cially if your buy the larger bags. They also tend to store well in your refrig­er­a­tor. Apples are also rel­a­tively inex­pen­sive if your buy them on sale and yield a lot of juice.

For my greens, I can some­times find spinach for a good deal, and almost always can get a head of red or green romaine let­tuce for a good price. To help stretch you juice, a lit­tle bit of water can go away in being able to use less ingre­di­ents but still feel like you are get­ting your money’s worth. The water will also help reduce the calo­ries if you are juic­ing for weight loss.


  • 34 medium carrots
  • 1 apple
  • 2 large hand­fuls of spinach or lettuce
  • 4 ounces of spring water


Wash and process the ingre­di­ents as you typ­i­cally would and for what works best in your par­tic­u­lar juicer. Add the leafy greens through first fol­lowed by the more water dense car­rots and apple. Add the water to help stretch the recipe, adjust­ing accord­ingly to taste.

Sharon Carter Writes About Juic­ing, Weight Loss, and Health for Juic­ing for Weight Loss Where This Arti­cle First Appeared.


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