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The nature of Black Peo­ple Hair

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You can take the kink out your brain but,

You Can’t Take The Kink Out Your Hair

Negroid (African)

You Can’t Take The Kink Out Your Hair

Hairs of Afu­rakani (African) ori­gin are reg­u­larly curly or kinky, have a flat­tened cross sec­tion, and may appear curly, wavy, or coiled. Negroid pig­ment gran­ules are larger than those found in Mon­goloid and Cau­casian hair and are grouped in clumps of dif­fer­ent sizes and shapes. The den­sity of the pig­ment in the hair shaft may be so great as to make the hair opaque. A Negroid hair shaft exhibits vari­a­tion or appar­ent vari­a­tion in diam­e­ter because of its flat­tened nature and the man­ner in which it lies on the micro­scope slide. Twist­ing of the hair shaft, known as buck­ling, can be present, and the hair shaft fre­quently splits along the length, and noth­ing, absolutely noth­ing, can change it.

For, as long as hair grows out of your body, no chem­i­cal can per­ma­nently alter Negroid hair.

When a relaxer is applied to the hair, its only the hair which has come in con­tact with the relax­ing agent that is per­ma­mently straight­ened. Hair nor­mally grows at the rate of 1/​4″ per month. So almost imme­di­ately “new growth” is emerg­ing from the follicle.


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