The nature of Black People Hair


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You can take the kink out your brain but,

You Can't Take The Kink Out Your Hair





Negroid (African)

You Can't Take The Kink Out Your Hair

Hairs of Afurakani (African) origin are regularly curly or kinky, have a flattened cross section, and may appear curly, wavy, or coiled. Negroid pigment granules are larger than those found in Mongoloid and Caucasian hair and are grouped in clumps of different sizes and shapes. The density of the pigment in the hair shaft may be so great as to make the hair opaque. A Negroid hair shaft exhibits variation or apparent variation in diameter because of its flattened nature and the manner in which it lies on the microscope slide. Twisting of the hair shaft, known as buckling, can be present, and the hair shaft frequently splits along the length, and nothing, absolutely nothing, can change it.

For, as long as hair grows out of your body, no chemical can permanently alter Negroid hair.

When a relaxer is applied to the hair, its only the hair which has come in contact with the relaxing agent that is permamently straightened. Hair normally grows at the rate of 1/4" per month. So almost immediately "new growth" is emerging from the follicle.


make no mistakes about it

......You're still... NAPPY !!!!

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